Disneyland Paris Trip Report – Day 2

You may have already read my previous two posts Disneyland Paris Trip Report Day 1 and my review of the Hotel Cheyenne. If you haven’t please click on the above links and check them out!

As previously mentioned during our visit in 2015, I made no plan! We winged it and in all honesty, it was fine we didn’t have the green pass at that point so it can be done. However, after checking out the Disneyland Paris for Brits group on facebook I was inspired to make at least a rough plan for our trip.


Review: Disneyland Paris – Hotel Cheyenne

We spent three nights at the Hotel Cheyenne, it was our first stay and here is the review of Disneyland Paris: Hotel Cheyenne.


Disneyland Paris Trip Report – Travel Day/Day 1

Disneyland Paris is our go-to Disney related theme park. There is something about Disney that is just exciting and childlike. I thought we would share our experience as part of a Disneyland Paris Trip Report. 


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