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You may have already read my previous three posts Disneyland Paris Trip Report Day 1, Disneyland Paris Trip Report Day 2 and my review of the Hotel Cheyenne. If you haven’t please click on the above links and check them out! This post is our Disneyland Paris Trip Report Day 3.

But First Breakfast – Hotel Cheyenne

This was our second breakfast at Disneyland Paris and the first one we had at our hotel but our time was limited as we wanted to go on Buzz during the extra magic hours but due to having to green pass, we were escorted around the queue and straight to a table. We couldn’t fault the staff or the facilities.

It was what you’d expect at a hotel buffet, continental including cheeses, hams, breads, pastries etc and then the English breakfast, including scrambled eggs, bacon, beans and potato slices. There were various toasting stations, coffee stations and at least two hot buffet areas and three continental stations but it was extremely busy with the usual pushing and shoving. People queuing for the toaster as they don’t understand that it accepts more than one slice at a time! I also had a Dad putting at least 15 slices of toasts through the toaster at one time! So it’s one extreme to the other but I can’t fault the food or staff.

Character Meets – The Lineberty App

Now, if you are Disneyland Paris veterans you will understand the frustrations people feel with regard to the Lineberty App. Last time we visited, you queued like everyone else. However, there is now an app-based queuing system for some of the character meet and greets.

How the App Works

Lineberty App
Lineberty App – Walt Disney Studios

The Lineberty app is simple, you download it to your phone and search your location for Disneyland Paris as it does show other locations. It will then show two locations ‘Disneyland Park’ and ‘Walt Disney Studios – Toon Studio’.

If you click on the required location, it brings up the meet and greet choices. We wanted Buzz and Friends which was available in the morning. The line opens at 9.45 am and you need to be ready as it fills up quick. It took us two attempts to get Buzz.

If you would like more detailed information regarding the Lineberty app, what it is and the queuing system I would check Jen at Mightymamabear and her post on Lineberty at Disneyland Paris.

Once you get a confirmed ticket you get a number, with an approx time. Ours said 3 hours for Buzz and 2 hours for Woody. You can choose to then carry on with your day while the timer ticks down.

Meeting Buzz Lightyear

After securing our space in the ‘virtual’ queue we stayed close to Walt Disney Studios, went on rides like The Studio Tram tour, Slinky Dog and Ratatouille (our favourite ride).

Once our time was close, it messages you through the app and tells you there are five people before you. This was extremely helpful. We moved towards the queue, they scanned the app and there were three families in the queue before us.

Family meet & greet with Buzz Lightyear
Meeting Buzz Lightyear

While waiting in the queue, the cast member told a passer-by that Woody was in the afternoon, as it was Buzz and Daisy in the morning. I set an alarm for the afternoon queue.

Buzz was so interactive and probably one of the best character meets we had, he started off in a sleep position and our little boy pressed his button and he came to life. Our little boy clapped with excitement. He high-fived our daughter too. I think as a family we are quick, some families have about six photos, plus autographs but we just have a meet and greet, have a few photos and leave. These were added to our photo pass by the end of the day.

Meeting Woody

This wasn’t our first time meeting Woody, we’d met him during our previous trip. Both times, however, Thomas found it overwhelming and cried. The second time we managed to get a few photos of the moment, Thomas high fived him!

Meet & Greet with Woody
Meeting Woody

It’s an odd moment when your son meets their hero. I imagine if he ever met Tom Hanks, he would likely be confused but both times I found myself emotional seeing Thomas’ reaction. There is pure joy in seeing your children experience these moments.

Morning – Walt Disney Studios

We wanted to spend the day at Walt Disney Studios. It is currently going through some refurbishments, so please consider that during your visit. We had time after meeting Buzz to spend some time on the rides and opted to watch the Stunt show. My husband loves it and would watch it every day if he could.

Stunt Show

During our last visit, our children were a lot younger and struggled to sit for the 45 minutes. This time being with a wheelchair user, Thomas and a carer sat at the front in designated disabled spaces and we sat directly behind, it was so much easier and Thomas loved. He loves cars and motorbikes and watching them whizz around, he was clapping and screaming, so much that we saw it again!


Now, I’m not talking about food here! This is in reference to the ride. This was a new ride during our last trip and extremely busy all the time. We managed twice this time as it is extremely popular. The theming is amazing and is a unique ride to Disneyland Paris (Epcot is getting one soon).

We used our green pass and this was probably the best access as it used the fast pass queue, we walked straight onto the ride and loved every minute of it. We went on it again the next day and it was just as good if not better.

I highly recommend a family-friendly easy-going ride. Favourite ride in Walt Disney Studios.

Lunch – Restaurant Des Stars

This was one of our favourite restaurants. It’s a large American style diner, it was the first one we ate in that we all adored the food. My daughter still talks about the meatballs now! That and they had ice cream for dessert. Our reservation was for 12noon and we were held up but it wasn’t an issue, they sat us down quickly although it was really confusing because I had to go and get in the queue with the ‘non-reservation guests’ to pay for the lunch, that made no sense to me. They sit us down, then I have to queue! It was the only restaurant that did it like this, the others scanned our cards first.

The food was good, the best one we ate in for variety and the food that we eat at home. We got a drink included and the desserts were some of my favourite. We would definitely eat here again.

Early Afternoon

Chocolate Milkshake Hunt

Glass of Chocolate Milkshake with Mickey Mouse.
Chocolate Milkshake at Victoria’s

You would not believe that a place as large as Disneyland Paris would have limited places to buy a Milkshake from. Thomas grew a little stressed out, there were lots of people, it was the hottest day at 33C and we thought it would be nice to get him an afternoon treat.

We found two locations Annette’s in Disney Village and Victoria’s just off Main Street in Disneyland Park.

We tried Annette’s first but there was a 40-minute queue so we went to Victoria’s who only offer table service. It was an expensive milkshake at just over 25 euros that was for one milkshake, a fanta and two cokes but the presentation alone was amazing and I didn’t want Thomas to drink it. I couldn’t recommend the place enough, it was lovely and just what we needed.

Jungle Book Jive

Baloo from the Jungle Book Jive Parade
Jungle Book Jive Parade

On the way back to our hotel for a break we stumbled across the Jungle Book Jive parade, it has the most addictive song. We were singing it for weeks after it was to celebrate The Lion King Festival.

The parades at Disneyland Paris are amazing, I can’t compare them to other Disney’s as I’ve never been but we all enjoyed it and were lucky enough to stand in the disabled/accessible area by the castle.

Evening Parade

Cowgirl Jessie in the Parade

Now, who doesn’t love a Disney parade? We had caught the end of it, the first day but we made sure we had a prime spot just by the bandstand as you approach Main Street.

The characters are so interactive and it’s such an amazing atmosphere with the music and the character interactions.

Dinner – Cafe Hyperion

We had a reservation at the Chuck Wagon Restaurant in our Hotel but decided that we quick service dining was something that we preferred so I cancelled our reservation and we decided on Cafe Hyperion, situated opposite Space mountain, it is a large fast-food restaurant with plenty of sitting and a theatre-style area.

It is exactly what you’d expect from a Disney style place, it was not fast food and people were moving from queue to queue which didn’t help. Food was plentiful and was okay. Nothing to write home about but it is an overpriced McDonald’s but this is standard at Disney.

After Dinner and Evening Rides

With it being one of our last nights, we wanted a more casual evening. We bought some merch (Mini haul to follow) and spent some time enjoying the atmosphere. Friday night was probably our busiest evening and like you’d expect. It was a lovely end to our last full day in the park.

Maybe you’ve been to Disneyland Paris, perhaps you are planning a trip, please like, comment and let me know how you like to plan for your trips.



Post Disclaimer

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, this is at no cost to you and it is purely at your discretion.

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