Hello, welcome to my series ‘The Cantan Chronicles’ a round-up of our monthly antics. The Cantan Chronicles is what happened in October. I don’t know about you, but the clock change always throws our house into turmoil, sleepy by 8 pm but wide awake at 6.30 am. I know we gained an hour, but our house struggles and like a lot of the jokes said, we did get an extra hour of Peppa Pig!

Autumn is well and truly upon us, and I enjoy the cosy nights, rainy movie days and the roast dinners. It’s also my birthday month! You can never beat a birthday month!

Blog Posts

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Many Happy Return’s to Me!

I’ve never been bothered with growing ‘old’, it is a necessary evil, but as I approach 40, I realise exactly how short life is. October is my birthday month, which usually involves lunch out and a Sunday roast! I’ve always enjoyed having my birthday in the autumn, it’s never hot, but it’s a decent temperature, and it’s okay to have a roast!

I have a few plans over the next year, so here’s hoping my 37th year is a good one!

Autumn planning

Life Planning
Getting Life Organised

I’m one of those people who like to plan. I already have my 2020 calendar, I’m still working on using a planner. I’m tempted to go back to a regular diary and see how I get on. Has anyone got any suggestions for planners?

I find this time of year an excellent time to plan for house redecoration, looking at replacement broken or beyond repair items. We’ve been in our house three and a half years now, so it needs a refresh. So the next few months we will be investing some time and a little money in doing some things we have been putting off, plus we are still living with furniture that isn’t where it is meant to be. I can see an Ikea trip coming along!

I will be sharing our progress over the next few months on my Instagram, and on here if you would like to follow our progress, it’s a little expansion of the blog into home and garden.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch 2019

I’ve resisted the urge for many years to attempt a Pumpin Patch trip, but I was all inspired by a Zoella vlog, and I wanted to understand what all the fuss is about! It’s a field of pumpkins!

Social media seems to be going mad this year for pumpkin patch Instagram photos of everyone dressed in autumnal colours standing amongst pumpkins or cornfields. Alana and I attempted to see what all the fuss was, we lasted a total of 20 minutes at our local patch. I thought it was cute, Alana was three years too late, but I loved the signage and thought the idea was a great money maker and a great day out for little ones. I get it; it appears to be quite the Halloween tradition which brings me nicely to Halloween.


Growing up, we never celebrated Halloween at home, we were the type of family who turned off all the lights and pretended we were out! I think we had a few Halloween discos over the years, but I’ve never been trick or treating (yep, never). By the time we were adults, and I had my kids, my Dad did an annual Halloween party. An excuse to get all the family together and dress up for the occasion.

I’ve always wished it was like the film Hocus Pocus where streets safely take part, and you can enjoy the decorations, however, in the UK we aren’t huge on it. But this year, Alana went to her friend’s house for a Halloween sleepover and went trick or treating for the first time! Her bucket was full (I did help myself to a few treats).

October Faves

It’s a little different this month, I’ve rediscovered my love of some of the brands I have loved for years. I’m not usually a follower of trends or the owner of many beauty brands but the ones I own I’m incredibly faithful too; they are the ones you find on your average high street in the UK.


The British Rose Collection by The Body Shop

The British Rose Collection
The British Rose Collection from The Body Shop

I have recently rediscovered my love for The Body Shops British Rose collection, it’s on my Christmas list. I currently have the foam bath and the shower gel. Please find the links so that you can check them out. They are reasonably priced.


Recently, I’ve found myself watching more and more vlogs, I am by no means confident enough to stand or sit in front of a camera, and I am in awe of anyone does. But I thought I’d share with you my faves and when to watch them.

  • Brogantatexo – Brogan is a lifestyle and travel vlogger, who shares much of her daily life through weekly vlogs which she uploads on a Monday. I discovered her while searching for a Disney vlog and have become hooked ever since! She is so relatable and often tells you how it is, I love grabbing a cuppa and watching her and her boyfriend Benji doing standard stuff. Check out her new house renovation content!
  • Adam Hattan – Thanks to Brogan, I discovered Adam and his Disney travel vlogs with Gary. He’s got books out, a planner (I think) and if you have to check them out. He usually uploads on a Sunday, and his vlogs are generally over an hour! Watch them for Gary’s awesome t-shirts if nothing else!
  • GetBinky – What’s not to love about Del and Jen? I stumbled upon one of their previous Disneyworld vlogs, and it was different from anything I had watched. They are so informative and chatty and easy to watch.

If you want to check any of them out, I have included the links above. I’m sure they won’t mind a few more followers. They are all easy to watch, and I like watching vloggers who I can relate too. Maybe if you have some other vlogger suggestions I should check out, please comment below.

Coming in November

I feel I’ve waffled on far too much now, but I wanted my personality to come through as I felt that I was writing like a robot and not sounding like me. I waffle, its what I do (ask my boss! Get to the point, already).

November is the calm before the storm, I’m not one for Black Friday but appreciate a bargain. November looks likely to be adjustment in our house as I have reduced my hours at work and we are all trying to adapt to my new working schedule.

Coming in November

  1. Alternative fireworks – Light walk
  2. Christmas Planning – Blogmas
  3. Anti-bullying week
  4. Full house declutter
  5. Re-decorating

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Maybe you visited a pumpkin patch, did you love it/hate it? Do you have any Halloween traditions? Perhaps you put the Christmas tree up on the 1st November? Please comment below and share some of the things you got up to in October!

Thank you for reading

Gem x

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