Who doesn’t love a good Christmas Movie? Television channels are just as excited in sharing their Christmas joy with us. Gone are the days when you had to wait until the 1st December, you can now get movies from 1st November! So today’s post is my top five must-watch Christmas movies…

My Top Five Must Watch Christmas Movies

Top Five

  1. Muppets Christmas Carol – One of my earliest childhood memories was watching Muppets Christmas Carol when it was on television on Christmas Day. I guess that is why it has stuck with me for so long! It’s usually my go-to movie when we are decorating the Christmas tree. I love a good Muppet Movie, I adore Kermit and the fact that it’s narrated by Rizzo and Gonzo is just epic.
  2. Home Alone – No Christmas list would be complete without mentioning Home Alone! It was the second movie I ever saw at the cinema and it doesn’t seem to grow old or get out of date even with the invention of the internet, mobile phones! You route for Kevin, you feel sorry for Kevin and it is a movie that can be shared with the whole family. A must watch!
  3. The Santa Clause (Tim Allen) – There was much debate in our household, whether the original ‘Santa Claus’ The Movie was the better one. I have a soft spot for Charlie and Tim Allen is just the perfect Santa. There are in fact three movies, I, however, prefer the first. Just watching Scott, put on the suit for the first time and Charlie wishing him to be Santa is just a perfect cute movie.
  4. Love Actually – A cast that needs no introduction from the likes of Hugh Grant to Andrew Lincoln to the amazing Alan Rickman. If you haven’t seen Love Actually, where have you been living? It’s an English comedy and with Huge Grant as the Prime Minister (there are plenty of memes), it just gets love right. The forbidden, the departed, the affair, the unrequited, it’s all there and they are all connected.
  5. The Snowman – I don’t know many children or adults who haven’t watched the Snowman and the more recent incarnations. It has the famous song ‘Walking in the Air’ and as a teenager, I would often sit and watch it while awaiting my brother to wake up on Christmas Day.

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Perhaps you have your favourites that you would like to share? The big debate on whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie continues!

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