How can it be December? I mean last time I checked it was April and I was counting down the days until our summer holiday, now the Christmas countdown has begun! It’s not exactly Blogmas, but I thought I’d have a little change of pace today. This is The Cantan Chronicles: What Happened in November.

November was a mixture of appointments, getting used to part-time hours, decorating the house and watching Frozen 2.

Mini trip to Gunwharf Quays

Gunwharf Quays in November
Gunwharf Quays – Portsmouth

I don’t know about you but if you are local to the South, you’ve usually visited Gunwharf Quays at least once. I love it in the Summer when I can pop to the shops, have a quick bite to eat and sit watching the world go by.

It is equally as good at Christmas when the days are shorter and the Spinnaker Tower is lit up in all its glory.

We popped there quickly for a browse in some of the shops. We often visit to watch a film at the Vue cinema which is also conveniently located on-site. It’s a large multi-screen cinema, with film showings starting as early as 9.30am.

Sensory Light Walk

1st Sparkler at Sensory Light Walk
Thomas’ 1st Sparkler

Fireworks are a controversial subject. We have visited various displays, sadly this year we decided that Thomas’ behaviour can be trying and opted to watch some from our back garden.

Thomas’ school do however host a Sensory Light Walk every November, the same week as Guy Fawkes Night, as an alternative to displays. It’s a big hit and we walk through the schools, small wood and experience a calm (ish) walk with balloons, fairy lights and a campfire where the brave can toast marshmallows. It is finished with a BBQ and a sparkler. This was Thomas’ 1st year at attempting to hold a sparkler (with a carrot handle for safety). As you can tell, he loved it!

It is such a cute little event that we as a family are always so grateful for. Every year we debate going, but we know we’d regret it if we didn’t.

Frozen 2 (Spoilers)

What can I say about Frozen 2? I am honestly not one for sequels, apart from Toy Story I find most are flat and lack something but I was pleasantly surprised. The big question, was it better than the first?

Tough one actually, I think Anna’s character has really developed and you can see from the beginning that Elsa, is still struggling to fit in. I love her relationship with Christophe but Olfa steals the show.

The songs are great and catchy but no better than the first. I think the ending is perfect, it’s lovely to find out about where Elsa came from.

I’d love to see it again, my only regret was that we had a limited time frame so went to a 9.40 am showing, omg it was two-year-old mayhem. You expect it but it was the Mum’s behind us chatting about Morrisons and Waitrose! If they wanted a chat, they should have gone to Costa because their boys most certainly weren’t bothered about Frozen.

I enjoyed it, a wiped a tear or two and was so glad I dragged my now 12-year-old to watch it.

Coming In December

  • Blogmas
  • Winchester Market
  • Christmas Walk
  • School concerts
  • The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe
  • Christmas Work Party
  • Family time/Christmas
  • Plans for 2020

Wow, not a hugely busy November but it feels like it. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy a little peek into our lives. Please check out my Blogmas posts, day one to five is live now!

On a personal note: Sorry for the lack of Blogmas, I’ve had a tough couple of weeks mentally and what began as a positive attempt at blogging became an overwhelming experience of deadlines. I can only learn from it.

Thanks for reading

Gem x

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