Welcome to Blogmas 2019

Hello, welcome to Blogmas – The countdown has begun! My very first blogmas post ever! I thought I’d give this blogmas thing a go. I am hoping to fill all 24 days! The countdown has begun!

Now for those of you who aren’t aware of what blogmas is or vlogmas in the vlogging world, it is essentially a blogging/vlogging challenge consisting of publishing a post every day, from now until Christmas Day.

A lot of bloggers follow the Christmas-theme posts from baking to shopping to gift guides to traditions. They are all covered. My blogmas will be a mixture of Christmas events, traditions and family.

Christmas too Soon

I don’t know about you guys, but Christmas seems to get earlier and earlier! With shops throwing out the summer beach balls and sunglasses and replacing them with woolie hats and tinsel before Halloween is even over. Now, I love Christmas and I indulge my husband and allow him to put up our Christmas tree before the first of December. Mainly, because I grew up spending most of December moaning at my Mum to put the Christmas decorations up, for her to put them up on the 20th! Our house has by that time have overindulged on a tin of Celebrations, watched far too many Christmas movies and wrapped our Christmas presents!

This year has been slightly different as our house was overdue a fresh coat of paint and I was determined that no decoration, not one simple bauble would be hanging until it was finished. Nothing like a little motivation to get Nick moving.

Christmas Tree 2019

The tree is now officially in it’s rightful place and has been since the 25th November. We struggle to have too many decorations as Thomas thinks baubles are footballs and that equals removing them from tree and kicking them around and anything new will usually be removed by someone’s little fingers before the day is out.

The tree is up and will remain up until early January, by that point I am very ready to hide the tree in the loft for another year!

Advent Calendars 

Along with a tree and decorations, the first of December means that chocolate is officially back on the menu for breakfast! (I’m kidding). Advent Calendars fill the house with excitement every year and it got me thinking about the history of the advent calendar.

The History of the Advent Calendar

Like so many families, the advent calendar is the start of the Christmas countdown! In our household, it’s the best thing to come after breakfast! I have one, this year I decided on the Cadbury’s Heroes version, my family have two! Yes, two each! It got me thinking about how this Christmas tradition came about.

The Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars can be traced back to the 19th century when early styles included lighting candles for each of the 24 days. Things have changed since then, apart from the standard chocolate varieties you can now get lego, playmobile, beauty, bath bombs, candles, cheese, alcohol, perfume, Christmas baubles to name just a few. I have included a few of my favourites on Amazon.

 I love the appeal of the pretty wooden ones, it doesn’t have to be chocolate every morning for breakfast! It could be some cheap sweets or collectables and I wish I’d started this as a tradition when my children were younger. I could imagine Alana’s face finding a different treat each year but alas, she is too old for all that (rolls eyes) however still demands two calendars!

It’s a tradition in our house, that after breakfast Thomas is rewarded with two mini chocolates. He gets so excited that when we buy the calendars we have to hide them from him!

As this is the first year, I have attempted blogmas. Something which I actually pencilled into my diary in August! I have summarised a few posts that will be coming over the next week or so.

Coming this week 

Merry Christmas Heart

Coming up in Blogmas

  1. My top 5 Christmas movies 
  2. My top 5 Netflix Christmas much watch 
  3. The best Christmas adverts (in my opinion) 
  4. The tradition of Christmas nativity plays 
  5. My festive bucket list 

If you like what you read, please check out the next 24 days of Blogmas 2019. There are a few surprises thrown in. Thank you for reading Welcome to Blogmas – The Countdown has begun.

Do you use advent calendars? When does your Christmas tree go up? Do you embrace Christmas or hide away as long as possible? Please, leave me a comment below.

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