How to Survive the 101 days of January!

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January Blues

For those of you who don’t know, it is ‘Blue Monday’ on Monday 20th! The day in January when it’s been five weeks since December payday, cupboards are empty, bank accounts running dry and the thought that payday still seems a million days away, so it got me thinking. Here are my tips on How to Survive the 101 days of January.

You were probably under the impression that I was going to provide 101 tips on how to survive January, sadly not but here are my top five tips to beat the January blues.

1.A Post Christmas de-clutter

Piled Jumpers
Let’s Get Decluttering

Since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed the post-Christmas clear out! The time when I had to find more room for Christmas gifts and always felt it was the perfect time to rearrange not only my storage but my bedroom (miss those days). I now have come accustomed to the fact that my room is what it is, so after purchasing some Ikea wardrobes (I waited nine years) it has to stay but I have ordered some new storage boxes, reorganised my drawers and feel better for now empty appearance.

2. Budget Planning

I know, I can hear your groans! The dreaded Budget word but actually think of it as a tool to save for all those lovely things you want! We have been in our house for three years and apart from decorating we haven’t really added the finishing touches. So I have a house ‘bucket list’. Mainly for all those items like sideboards, fridge freezers, tables etc.

You could have a budget to save towards anything, ‘holidays, cars, business expansion, family, houses. I’m sure you could come up with more compelling reasons. Talking of budgets that leads on to my next idea.

3. Plan a Weekend away or Summer Holiday

Holiday Packing
Holiday Prep

January may be the time where everything just feels ‘blue’. Whether you decided to go Vegan, you suffered with ‘dry January’ or you decided it was time to give something up, that doesn’t mean the year has to be ‘blue’. I’m all for giving stuff up but I’ve also learnt that with a little motivation, perhaps it might not be so ‘blue’.

For us January is the month when we’ve overeaten and overspent, so everything just feels a little less ‘enjoyable’. So we usually recover from this ‘boring’ month with planning our summer holiday! We used to have a mini-break in March and then a summer holiday in July, I’m hoping to squeeze in an October half term treat somewhere. Not sure if the treat is for me or the kids!

If you are looking for some tips on where to visit check out my post on visiting Cornwall.

4. Plan, plan and planners

I’ve always been a calendar and diary kinda girl. I like to see it written down however lately I’ve been using my calendar on my phone. It’s colour coded for life, work, kids, blog, there are quite a few and it has been amazing! However, I told myself this year that its time to get with the old again and have bought two new planners and reinvented an old one as a new ‘travel’ planner. Why not spend an hour or two making some plans.

5. Get outside into the big wide world

A Winter Walk

January is often the month for the dreaded new years revolutions, giving a lot of things up with the motivation of losing weight, saving money and we all know that by the 31st they will be a distant memory. However, don’t let that stop you! I’ve lived in my little town for nearly three years and the last few months has been a time of discovery, little side alleys, a new pub and re-discovering my love of a library. You don’t often need to travel too far to experience things, It’s my year’s goal to visit all the coffee shops, restaurants, bars and boutiques in the area and give them a try. We even have a local museum, I have yet to wander around! Bring on the year of new things. If you want some tips on what to do on the rainy days of January please check out Day Out with Kids and their tips on a rainy day.

Did you do anything different to escape the January blues? Any suggestions for the year ahead? Perhaps you find the whole of January as a blessing! Please drop me a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

Gem x


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