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I don’t know about you but I’ve always found the travel days the most stressful due to various reasons. You find yourself rushing around, trying to squeeze a few more rides in, buy a few more pins and rush onto whatever mode of transport you decided on. We actually decided to have a chilled out, no rush, take it as it comes. So this is our Disneyland Paris Trip Report – Day 4.

Luggage Service

I mentioned this in my review of travelling via Eurostar with a wheelchair user. We paid £60 to upgrade and used the Disney Express Luggage Service. As we booked with Magicbreaks, I used their online chat and added it to our package and she sent a link so I could pay, it was so easy. It meant that we could get in the park early and our park tickets would be collected on dropping off our luggage on the first floor.

Our return journey we dropped our luggage off at Hotel Cheyenne’s luggage storage, they gave us little tickets with numbers and we went off to the park.

It is recommended that you collect your luggage at least 40 minutes before departure. I think we allowed for an hour and it was very busy.

Meeting Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh and  family meet
Meeting Winnie The Pooh

How could I go to Disneyland Paris for the third time (yes third) and not meet The Bear himself? He has a few names his official name is ‘Winnie the Pooh’ but he is known as Pooh and Pooh Bear. Yes, I’ll admit this meet and greet was about me! If I can’t live a dream at Disneyland, when can I?

Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Train and Mountain Behind
Big Thunder Mountain

This was the first visit that our daughter was old enough to appreciate the faster rides, it was hard as Thomas has zero patience and it was a 90-minute wait every day.

On the last day, we got there at rope drop to get fast passes and all things considered had time to go on a couple of rides with Thomas before we headed back.

Big Thunder Mountain is by far my favourite ride at Disneyland Paris Park, I would have loved to have gone on it again but we had run out of time.

Unfortunately, the photograph taken on the ride was unviewable as the two people in front of us put their arms up and we disappeared behind them! It was very disappointing.

Lunch at Planet Hollywood

Exterier of Planet Hollywood Restaurant Disneyland Paris
The exterior of Planet Hollywood Restaurant Disneyland Paris

Planet Hollywood is one of my husband’s favourite restaurants, so it is always customary that on our last day we have lunch in Disney Village.

It is one of those places that you can’t book and during previous visits, it was busy but it was quiet. We opted for snacks ourselves and meals for the kids and it was still a ridiculous amount of EUROS. It wasn’t the best meal we’d ever eaten there and I don’t think we will be visiting again. I have seen some mixed reviews lately and I do have to agree that it’s lost its magic.

I am desperate to try Annette’s Diner! So next time…

World of Disney

A trip to any Disney inspired park would not be complete without a visit to World of Disney for some merch. I had opted for less spending on Disney related things. Alana bought a new pair of rose gold ears, I bought a Minnie Mouse mug and a few pins. I will be doing a Disneyland Paris haul in the not too distant future.

Journey Home

I covered most of our journey in my Eurostar review so please check that out. But I wanted to touch a little on the UK side. If you are a frequent traveller by Eurostar you will know that there is no UK border control in France. This is done on entry to the UK.

We manage to get off the train, collect our luggage, wheelchair etc and know that we are likely to be hit by hundreds of passengers trying to enter the UK. I expected a wait.

However, a girl with her family had an incident with her passport while travelling, she had a copy, the original and a letter from the British Embassy as she was a UK citizen, obviously returning with her family, I don’t see what the issue was but instead of asking her to wait while they called for advice or who knows. They stopped the queue, the lady doing the other UK checks stopped to help her and we stood there for 30 minutes with no one moving.

Thomas had really had enough at this point and he was beginning to shout and a meltdown was minutes away. We tried to calm him but all he could see was a queue, a non-moving queue with passengers looking at him.

Thankfully they finally saw sense, asked them to wait on the left and the lady continued to allow us to move. This kind couple allowed us to go in front of them, explaining that their son had done it many a time and they were used to it. I couldn’t thank them enough as we were starting to feel the pressure of everyone’s eyes on us but we were home.


No Character Dining

I did look into character dining, however, I opted against it due to the extra cost. That being said I walked passed Cafe Mickey one evening and saw Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and piglet and I think another but can’t remember who but I really didn’t expect much for the money.

It’s on the list for next time so if anyone has any character dining suggestions, please let me know!


Our original booking was April but due to some family circumstances, we moved it to August without realising that summertime means longer park hours and fireworks at 11 pm! It was our third visit and still no fireworks. Especially as the next day, the hours changed and the fireworks were 9 pm! Sadly, Thomas wouldn’t have coped with 11 pm, especially not getting back to the hotel until midnight. So next time!

Next Visit 2022

We were actually discussing our next visit. Got a few things planned next year but due to all the building stuff going on opted to wait until 2022, gives us a little bit more money to play with as I wanted a closer hotel.



Once home, I like to reflect on our trip. I’ve started taking a travel notebook to make daily notes of anything I want to mention on my blog and because the last few years I have created a photo book with

Post Disclaimer

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, this is at no cost to you and it is purely at your discretion.

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