The Cantan Chronicles: What Happened in February

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You may have or may not have noticed that I did in fact skip January, as I had nothing exciting to write about and rather than talking nonsense, thought it was better to skip ahead to February. So What Happened In February?

So February was a busy month. As usual, lots going on in the background trying to lose weight, increase exercise, school things, performances, storms, it’s all just been happening.

General Tooth Extraction

On the 17th February, Thomas had to go to Royal County Hospital in Winchester to have a general anaesthetic and be put to sleep so they could take a tooth out and investigate any other issues.

It’s moments like this when you realise that having special needs and learning difficulties make these appointments so much more complex. I really can’t thank the nurses and staff enough during our few hours there.

Sadly, Thomas’ woke up extremely numb, confused, disorientated and upset as you can imagine as an adult is hard enough but for a non-verbal nine-year-old he grew angry and the staff were amazing and allowed us to leave straight away.

Apart from a small seizure on Wednesday night, he’s recovered well. He’s had half term to chill out at home as we decided it was probably better that we didn’t go anywhere.

Holidays Confirmed

January/February are the months of the year when we discuss, finalise and book holidays, weekend breaks and a few other things across the year.


Girl sitting on grass

We used to go away for Nick’s birthday in March. We’d have a long weekend in Cornwall but we stopped once both kids were at school and with it being early March, it was cold and most attractions weren’t open. This year I thought we’d look at a mini easter break but couldn’t afford the cost so moved into the latter part of March. We are spending a long weekend in Millendreath in Cornwall. We stayed there in 2018 with Hoeseasons but you book direct now through Millendreath Beach Resort. It’s a small resort with a beachside cafe, bar in the summer and is only a couple of miles from Looe. Nick spent his childhood summers there but looking forward to our mini-break.


In July, we have booked for our annual trip to Perran Sands, booked directly through Haven with the help of a voucher from Family Fund again. I’m not convinced we will return again. It’s a great park but more suitable for younger children. I think Alana would appreciate high-ropes and a larger pool with flumes. During our visit, I am hoping to scope out a different park.

Needs change, this will be our eighth year and when we first went we had little ones, not a technologically obsessed teenager and an over-excitable nine-year-old.


I’m considering a trip later in the year, not sure yet though. Depending on finances and usual family stuff will depend on whether we do a cabin somewhere or just a night away.

Storms Ciara and Dennis

Beach storm

Working in hospitality for over seven years, often saw me driving home at 2 am in the middle of Storm Ivan or Matthew. So I was thankful that Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis didn’t upset the balance of my life too much.

Growing up, my Dad lived by the sea (still does) so we often bundled into the car to head to the seafront to watch how high the waves were, he himself did it and walked! Utter madness. I remember a huge storm at the end of August once, they’d spent thousands of pounds on the promenade only to have it destroyed, the road flooded, beach huts and their contents were found littered around the surrounding area and the pebbles were in peoples gardens.

So its become a bit of the norm for us to drive to Southsea and check out the waves. Although it’s closed off from the Hovercraft to Eastney for safety. We managed to see a few mad people waking their dogs while we stayed safely inside our car.

I chose not to live by the water, I understand though that some local people had their gardens and roads flooded and lost electricity so we should never underestimate how a storm affects others.

February Faves

I do appreciate the winter months for great television drama. It’s been a while since I have really been hooked to a programme. This month I have had two if not three to choose from.


  • New Amsterdam – Season 2 was back with a bang, I still enjoy it.
  • White House Farm – Wow! The whole series gave me chills, the fact that it’s based on true events is even more chilling and although I knew the outcome, I still was surprised by the ending. The writing was outstanding.
  • Deadwater Fell – You can’t go wrong with a David Tennant drama. I won’t give anything away just in case you haven’t managed to watch it yet but it kept me hooked. Although at times I felt it was a little flat and characters had no real meaning them. The ending, I was like wow. I saw it but I didn’t. Brilliant acting but no it’s not like Broadchurch.


Been quiet on the cinema front lately but we did manage to squeeze in Bad Boys 3 in January.

  • Bad Boys 3 – The long-anticipated third instalment of Bad Boys. It had humour and was a good film. I wasn’t blown away and it wasn’t better than the second but a good film.

Coming in March

  • Nick’s birthday
  • Mini weekend break
  • Hosting my first blog chat
  • Spring clean

So there you have it! That was February, now it’s time for March. It’s daylight until later, flowers are springing up and house bits are due to begin.

Thank you for reading

Gem x

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, this is at no cost to you for more information click here.

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