Here’s a not-so-bold claim: we’d all like to maximise our happiness, and minimise our unhappiness. Yes, there’s no need to stop the presses for this non-breaking news, but it’s worthwhile thinking about now and again. Long-term happiness is something that takes years to develop, but on a day to day basis, we have to focus on our mood. Our moods are small potatoes compared to the big things in life, but they have such a significant impact on our overall state of mind that we can’t ignore them. So what influences your mood, anyway? We’ll take a look at some key everyday things that can make or break your happiness. 

Your Commute and Work

How you spend your day will, of course, have a tremendous impact on your overall mood. For most people, days are spent driving to the office, putting in a long day of work, and then driving home. This is just a necessary component of life; there’s not all that much that you can do about it! But you can change how much of an impact it has on your mood. If your commute ruins your day before it even gets started, then looks at making a few changes. Sometimes it’s worthwhile taking a slightly longer route to work if it means less stress and more enjoyment. Or could you work from home?

Overall Lifestyle 

Your lifestyle may be pushing you towards a bad day, and you wouldn’t even realise it. These days, many of us are living a sedentary lifestyle, and by that, we mean we’re sitting down more and moving less. As humans, it’s important that we get up and be active. If you spend too much time sitting down, then you can’t be too surprised if your mood is low. Build some activity into your lifestyle, and you’ll notice that the world shines a little bit brighter. 

Hormone Changes

Sometimes, it feels as if we’re in a bad mood for no reason. Everything around is great, yet we’re not quite able to get ourselves into a positive state of mind. While there may not be an external reason, there probably is an internal reason: your hormones. Certain GMO foods, stress, and your contraception can all affect your hormones. If you’re noticing that you’re a little more up and down than usual, then it’s worthwhile looking to check if there’s anything that’s affecting your hormones. Things will be back to normal once you’ve taken care of them!

Your Sleep 

It’s no secret that people tend to be more grouchy when they’re had a poor night’s sleep. If you haven’t had a solid seven hours of rest, then even the smallest things can ruin your day. While it’s inevitable that you’ll have the odd night of tossing and turning, if it’s a persistent problem, then it’s important to look at what may be causing the issue. It could be that your bedroom isn’t as relaxing as it could be, or that your pre-sleep routine is off. 

When did you last consider your moods?

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    1. I have to admit, I have slept better during the coronavirus. Not setting an alarm makes sense the difference but I do need good sleep. Thank you for reading Marina.

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