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About A Little Bit Social

Hi, I am Gemma and welcome to A Little Bit Social, a family lifestyle and travel blog with the disability traveller in mind. Our son Thomas has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and learning difficulties, making our lives a little more complicated than just booking a flight, jumping in a car, or booking a quick trip. We have to consider his disabilities and needs. When I started this blog back in early 2019, it was my way of sharing our journey with the world. So I wanted to share a little bit about me and the rest of the family. 

Family in front of castle

I am a Mum to Alana, who is 13 and your typical teenager where everything is a chore, and Thomas, who is 10 and is anything but your typical tween and likes to keep us all on our toes. I am married to Nick, a self-employed graphic designer and self-confessed car addict, and we’ve been together for over 20 years now (geez).

A Little Bit Social is something that I am extremely proud of; what started as a part-time hobby soon inspired me to reconsider my career and has led me on a journey I hadn’t fully explored, my love of writing. It’s always been there; you know, when you take those student career tests at school, the ones that tell you which career you should choose. According to the intranet (showing my age), my top careers were journalist, hotel manager and radio presenter. I loved writing, but journalism at the time was very tabloid based; no such thing as blogs or website content and writing articles about celebrities just wasn’t for me. That doesn’t mean I ever forgot that intranet printout.

A Little Bit Social is where I share our family going’s on, travels and adventures, and hopefully inspire others. It is currently #10 on the Top 20 UK Family Travel Blogs And Websites To Follow in 2021 on Feedspot and #267 in the Trips100 top UK travel blogs. In addition, a Little Bit Social was nominated for two blog awards in 2020 for the best new influencer and travel and accessibility category.

Sometimes life gets messy, days out end up being tantrum after tantrum, we leave the wrong bag at home or with not enough changes of clothes or with the wrong shoes. So I want to take you along our journey to share the good and the bad. Like when we booked an accessible caravan to find that it didn’t meet our needs or the worse thing happens and one of us is ill. We want to inspire you or keep you entertained, hopefully.

Cornwall has been our home from home since 2001 as a couple and Nick from his childhood days staying at Millendreath beach. It is our happy place but let’s not forget that I am a major Disney fan and love my Disney trips to Paris. I have wanted to visit Disneyworld Florida since I was six (a long time ago). It will happen eventually! My bucket list is to visit all the Disney parks worldwide (it’s currently a big dream), especially with Nick being an anxious flyer and the added stress of Thomas’ behaviour. But what’s life without faith, right?

As a family we can’t wait to welcome a dog into our home. So watch this space…

Meet The Cantan’s

Gemma (Mum or Mamma)

I’m Gemma, the writer, creator and owner of A Little Bit Social. One of my earliest holiday memories was camping in a wet and windy Weymouth, falling off a slide and ending up in a&e in Dorcester because I knocked myself out at 10 years old, going the wrong way up the slide (everyone was doing it, in my defence). I never really enjoyed camping; I’m not one for getting close to nature; I like my comforts. Thank goodness for glamping!

The closest you will get me to camping these days is a static caravan with all the modern accessories and sometimes the bonus of a surprise dishwasher! However, I am currently saving for a motor home of some kind, dreaming of more family freedom and a home from home.

Aside from A Little Bit Social, I have a degree in Event Management and a whole variety of experience in hospitality. I love Disney, especially Winnie the Pooh, obsessed with WW2 and love a good castle.

You Will Usually Find Me: With a cuppa writing, planning our next trip or driving Alana to her extracurricular activities.

Nick (Dad)

A lover of cars, you probably won’t find Nick far from washing or adding some accessory to his car when he’s not doing that; he’s a full-time carer for Thomas and a self-employed graphic designer.

He loves his holidays to Cornwall, he likes the simple things in life and doesn’t really like flying (no flying in 16 years).

You Will Usually Find Him: With a bucket and a hose washing his car, on his exercise bike or hanging out the washing.


The eldest of two, Alana has always been the bossy, ultra-sensitive drama queen of the family. With her sights set on a career in the arts, she has dreamed of becoming a singer, performer and/or actress and excels in performing from the age of six. She loves being part of the local youth theatre and school band to build her confidence. While also studying piano, flute and singing and dance.

She loves routine, meeting with her friends, theme parks and swimming. She can’t wait to visit Disney world and often says she will go with her boyfriend (she doesn’t currently have one) without us.

You Will Usually Find her: Singing in her bedroom, watching tik-toks or at youth theatre.


Oh, how complicated a little person can be. Thomas was diagnosed with Strep B Meningitis at four days old, and our lives would be changed forever. Thomas was sadly left considerably brained damaged and has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and learning difficulties with minimal speech. He is a very active, hyperactive little boy who doesn’t find change in routine easy. His behaviour is often our biggest barrier to travelling; even a normal car journey can end in disaster.

Thomas loves football or any ball activity, running around with his friends, school, water activities and loves when people come to visit at home.

You Will Usually Find Him: Drinking a chocolate milkshake, bouncing his ball or riding his special needs trike.

Let’s Work Together

There you have a little bit about us and what makes us tick. If you’d like to get in touch you can find my details on my contact page or please use the contact form below.

A Little Bit Social is always looking to partner with brands. If you feel that we are a good fit please check out our work with us page for more information about our blog stats.

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