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Strep B
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Have You Ever Heard of Strep B? This is Our Story

It’s hard to explain the feeling of being told that your baby is ill and not just your average cold but life-threatening, the closest I can describe it is numb. Everything stands still and for a brief moment it feels like your life is at a standstill, it’s not real. You are having a bad dream and any minute your alarm will sound and normality will resume. Have you ever heard of Strep B? This us our story.

New Beginnings
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If your past year was rough and you felt like it simply could not get any worse, at least you had January to look forward to. The month of fresh starts and new beginnings, the month where you can finally get the gears turning in making things better and having them go your way – the right way but why do we feel the need for new beginnings in January?

January Blues
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How to Survive the 101 days of January!

For those of you who don’t know, it is ‘Blue Monday’ on Monday 20th! The day in January when it’s been five weeks since December payday, cupboards are empty, bank accounts running dry and the thought that payday still seems a million days away, so it got me thinking. Here are my tips on How to Survive the 101 days of January.

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My Weight Loss Battle – What I’ve Learnt about Dieting!

Being overweight is nothing new to me. I’ve spent most of my adult life overweight. But two years ago I got into the obese territory and with a current BMI of 34.3, I have attempted to do something about it. Sadly it didn’t go so well so I thought I’d give you my story. My weight loss battle and what I’ve learnt about dieting.

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The Cantan Chronicles: What Happened in December

Happy New Year! Wow, the end of yet another decade and the start of what hopefully will be a good year. I ended 2009 a working mum of one and by early 2010, I was pregnant with our little monster. What a decade it has been. This post is What Happened in December with a mini look over the last 10 years.

Nativity Scene
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Blogmas 4: Is the Traditional Nativity Play a Thing of the Past?

Welcome to Blogmas 4: Is the traditional nativity play a thing of the past? As we near the end of another decade, it got me thinking about the traditions that seem to be fading. Nativity plays, carol singing, Christmas cards they all seem to be a thing of the past, with schools looking for alternatives, people donating to charities (I’m all for it) rather than giving Christmas cards but are we losing touch with our history?

Top Five Movies
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Blogmas 3: My Top Five Must Watch Christmas Movies on Netflix in 2019.

Welcome to Blogmas Day 3. Today, I thought I would share with you top five must-watch Christmas movies available on Netflix in 2019. If you aren’t aware of Netflix and all its delights it is essentially an app that you can stream movies or television shows for a monthly subscription.


Welcome to Blogmas – The Countdown has Begun

Hello, welcome to my very first blogmas post ever! I thought I’d give this blogmas thing a go. I am hoping to fill all 24 days! The countdown has begun!

Now for those of you who aren’t aware of what blogmas is or vlogmas in the vlogging world it is essentially a blogging/vlogging challenge consiting of publishing a post every day, from now until Christmas Day.