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Featured In

As a family we have been lucky enough to be featured in the media, I have included them below.

In the News

The Petersfield Post – November 2016

Local disabled boy longs for a bike – The Petersfield Post – March 2019

Family Fund Official Blogger

Bedtime Bedlam – August 2019

Preview: Bedtime in our house is often filled with chasing our youngest around the house, trying to get his PJ’s on, and on some level trying to keep the bedroom routine calm. We are very firm when it comes to his bedtime, it’s something that we both agreed on after our eldest daughter wouldn’t sleep! Is it easy? Hell no. But it works! 

When Your Special Needs Child Needs an Operation – May 2020 (Selected to attend the BAPS Awards)

Preview: As parents, we hope that our children grow up without having to go through the trauma of a visit to A & E or a major operation. In Thomas’ nine years he has had various trips to the hospital, some routine appointments. Others for emergency treatments often involving him hitting his head or because of his epilepsy.

But about a year ago, a routine dentist appointment resulted in Thomas being referred to a specialist NHS dentist, one who helps with complex needs or people who perhaps find visiting the dentist causes them a great deal of anxiety.

Featured Blogger

Official Family Fund Blogger

If you are interested in featuring/working with us we are always happy to discuss collaborations.


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