Hi, I’m Gemma and I’m so pleased you stopped by! I thought this would be the perfect page to introduce myself, our family and for you to meet the blogger. I can’t believe A Little Bit Social began in 2019, it was very different back then. I wanted a creative outlet where I could share stories about my family as family life isn’t always easy especially when you have a disabled child.

A Little Bit Social is essentially a lifestyle and family travel blog, but if I’m honest, I blog about most things, including finances, careers, parenting, wellness, home & garden, and there will always be plenty of tips, inspiration and reviews to include.

The Cantan Family

Would it be easier if I start left to right? Thomas, Gemma, Alana and Nick. We live in the South East of England. Three of us were born in Portsmouth, and Nick was born at home in Haslemere, Surrey. You probably didn’t need to know that, but I find the little bit of information quite a conversation starter!

We currently live in Petersfield, Hampshire (it’s north of Portsmouth), if you don’t know. You can get the train to London within an hour, so that’s always a bonus.

A Little Bit About Us

I wanted to share a few little things about us, so you can get to know us a little better.

Gemma – Is the clumsiest person alive, obsessed with history/historical events (esp WW2), loves reading, writing, and usually has music on or a movie; became Disney obsessed as an adult and dreams to visit Disney world eventually.

Nick – Loves cars, watching old family movies, visiting Cornwall and WWE wrestling.

Alana – Dreams of being a singer, loves theme parks, talking to her friends and listening to music.

Thomas – Loves Toy Story esp Woody (although meeting him in person, he cried both times), WWE Wresting, football and swimming (usually any water will do) and almost always has a smile on his face.

Work with Gemma

A Little Bit Social is currently looking to partner with select businesses and brands that we truly love and are proud to endorse. If you feel that we a good fit please contact Gemma directly here.

Post Disclaimer

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