Want to Write a Guest Post?

Hi There,

I’ve been receiving quite a few guest post requests recently, so it makes sense to include some information here. I am always on the lookout for guest bloggers to contribute to A Little Bit Social. I am currently accepting guest posts on a range of topics but please only send articles that are well-written, original and have no more than one or two backlinks (ideally to your own blog or website) and a bio if you would like. If you would like to supply your own images, that would be fantastic, but please include a link to the original source and be included separately on the email.

If you’ve looked around my blog, you will see that it is a lifestyle and family travel blog; I would ideally like family-friendly content based in the UK. Internationally is okay, but it would need to be relevant to a worldwide audience.

Some Guidelines:

  • Content here should be lifestyle, family or family travel related.
  • Please only supply new content, not content that has already been used on your own blog or elsewhere.
  • A Little Bit Social is a family oriented blog, when writing blog posts please make sure that you consider who you are writing for (Mums, Moms, Dad’s, Grandparents). Nothing too technical sounding or complicated. I don’t have any issues with returning content that needs a lot of editing or is badly set out.
  • In the first instance, please don’t send me full articles. Please send me a brief intro of who you are and any suggestions for posts you have.
  • I know it’s all about the backlinks, and I am happy to include one or two content relevant links but please be aware that I won’t accept links to adult sites, gambling sites and pharmaceutical sites. Please don’t even ask or try! Any backlinks supplied will be vetted before publishing.
  • I am happy to share guest posts on all my social media platforms.
  • All guest posts will be marked up on my blog as “Guest Posts” for full disclosure. Unfortunately, this isn’t something I am happy to negotiate.
  • You are welcome to include a link to your blog along with an author bio if you would like. This is in addition to the two other backlinks.
  • I do receive a lot of enquiries from businesses looking to promote their website, product or improve their DA. It is at my discretion whether I charge a small free or allow this to be included free of charge. So please don’t be angry with me. I try to help as much as I can.

About A Little Bit Social’s Audience

  • 58% of my audience is from the UK, 86% are female and are between 24 – 44 years old and have children.
  • Monthly page views 3,000 and growing
  • 8k followers across social media platforms

Still, have questions or would like to book yourself in for a guest post slot? Please drop an email to gemma@alittlebitsocial.com

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