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Want to Write a Guest Post?

Hi There,

I’ve been receiving quite a few guest post requests recently, so it makes sense to include some information here. I am always on the lookout for guest bloggers to contribute to A Little Bit Social. When I say guest posts, I mean posts from bloggers who are looking to increase their following or improve their own DA via a link swap or guest post.

I am currently accepting guest posts on a range of topics but please only send articles that are well-written, original and have no more than one or two backlinks (ideally to your own blog or website) and a bio if you would like. If you would like to supply your own images, that would be fantastic, but please include a link to the original source and be included separately on the email.

I do receive a lot of enquiries from businesses looking to promote their website, product or improve their DA. I feel it is only fair that I charge a small fee, as you can appreciate the time taken to format posts and make them live and not forgetting the time taken to promote on social media. So please don’t be offended. I am also a small business.

If you’ve looked around my blog, you will see that it is a lifestyle and family travel blog; I would ideally like family-friendly content based in the UK. Internationally is okay, but it would need to be relevant to a worldwide audience.

If you are a fellow blogger who feels their idea matches A Little Bit Social’s content, feel free to contact me via email gemma@alittlebitsocial.com

NOTE: If you are looking to place a commercial link, please don’t pretend to be a blogger. I will figure it out and send you a list of my fees.

Guest Blogger Guidelines

Please read through these guidelines before submitting a guest post.

  • Content here should be lifestyle, family or family travel related.
  • Please only supply new content, not content already used on your own blog or elsewhere.
  • A Little Bit Social is a family-oriented blog; when writing blog posts, please make sure that you consider who you are writing for (Mums, Moms, Dad’s, Grandparents). Nothing too technical sounding or complicated. I don’t have any issues with returning content that needs a lot of editing or is badly set out. (I have been known to decline it all together).
  • In the first instance, please don’t send me full articles. Instead, please send me a brief intro of who you are and any suggestions for posts you have.
  • I know it’s all about the backlinks, and I am happy to include one content-relevant link to your blog or associated social media. Still, please be aware that I won’t accept links to adult sites, gambling sites and pharmaceutical sites. Please don’t even ask or try! Any backlinks supplied will be vetted before publishing.
  • I am happy to share guest posts on all my social media platforms.
  • All guest posts will be marked up on my blog as “Guest Posts” for full disclosure. Unfortunately, this isn’t something I am happy to negotiate.
  • You are welcome to include an author bio if you would like. This is in addition to the other backlink.
  • I have the right to edit text or headings as I see fit and add affiliate links should I feel this will significantly enhance the user experience.

Specific Guest Post Guidelines

  • Please make the post at least 1,000 words. My readers prefer longer posts, and search engines like Google prefer more in-depth articles.
  • Insert the keyword phrase at least 3-5 times throughout the post. Make sure it sounds as natural as possible. SEO!
  • As mentioned, please make sure it is 100% original. There are no duplicates from your personal blog or elsewhere. I do use plagiarism software.
  • Please include 1 – 2 high-quality images that either you own or feel free to use sources like Pixabay, Unsplash or Pexels and don’t forget to credit the source in the post or provide the link.

About A Little Bit Social’s Audience

  • 58% of my audience is from the UK; 86% are female and are between 24 – 44 years old and have children.
  • Monthly page views 3,000 and growing
  • 8k followers across social media platforms

In return I am pleased to offer the following:

  • 1 x do-follow links to blog posts or your blog homepage
  • All guest posts include social media promotion on Facebook and Twitter and if required can include tagging your social media handles.

Still, have questions or would like to book yourself in for a guest post slot? Please drop an email to gemma@alittlebitsocial.com


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