5 Simple Strategies To Travel Greener

Aside from reserving eco-friendly lodging, there are numerous more strategies to lessen the environmental impact of your travels. Here are five simple strategies to travel greener and environmentally friendly.

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Learn About The Impact Of Flying

The most effective strategy to cut CO2 emissions is to avoid flying; however, we all know that this is not a realistic option. However, if you must fly, it is preferable to avoid flying too many short trips in succession. Short-distance aircraft emits the highest pollution per kilometre of any transportation. Of course, one short flight is preferable to one lengthy flight, but taking the train is much better.

As a result, avoid layovers. Stopovers will lengthen the route, resulting in more kilometres, more gas, and more CO2 emissions. Instead of taking that low-cost trip, spend a few extra euros on a direct flight, and you’ll be glad you did. You could also take the time to understand the type of fuel they are using, such as gas oil.

Go Economy Class And Pack Light

You’ve probably never considered it, but travelling economy class is preferable to flying business class. Business-class passengers have much greater carbon footprints than economy passengers. For starters, the business class takes up a lot of physical room, but the economy class transports more people and is thus far more efficient.

Also, try to bring as little as possible. Heavy luggage will consume more fuel than a light backpack, and you’ll also be doing your back a favour.

Travel With Eco-Friendly, Fairtrade, Or Sustainable Travel Agencies

Another strategy to ensure that your travels are as environmentally beneficial as possible is to choose eco-friendly travel agents and eco-friendly lodging. While staying close to home is more environmentally responsible, there are occasions when you want to venture further afield. It is also worth noting that, while travel contributes to carbon emissions, it could also positively impact the well-being of local populations.

Reduce Your Meat Consumption

The meat sector, particularly the cattle industry, is the most polluter on the planet. According to some scientists, giving up animal products (beef) may reduce carbon footprints more than cars.

So, when travelling, eat as few animal products as possible. You don’t have to restrict this to just your trip, and it also has a significant effect if you eat little or no animal products at home.

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Bring Your Own Bags, Bottles, And Eco-Friendly Products

Bring your own shower items in reusable bottles, so you don’t have to rely on your hotel’s small shampoos and body lotions. This way, you don’t contribute to the rubbish pile at your vacation spot. Bring your water bottles to refill and your own bags to avoid using plastic.

As you can see, there are some ways you can make your travel greener. Are you already taking the green route? And do you have any further suggestions to add to this lineup? Please let us know in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you!

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