I’ve recently received quite a few guest post requests, so it makes sense to include some information here. We are always looking for guest bloggers to contribute to A Little Bit Social. When we say guest posts, we mean posts from bloggers looking to increase their following or improve their DA via a link swap or guest post.

If this is you, we’d love to hear from you…

Looking around our blog, you will see that it is a lifestyle and family travel blog; we would ideally like family-friendly content based in the UK. Internationally is okay, but it must be relevant to a worldwide audience.

If you are a fellow blogger who feels their idea matches A Little Bit Social’s content, please contact us using the form below.

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Guest posts that will be inspiring and helpful

What we are looking for

We are always on the lookout for guest posts that will be inspiring and helpful to our readers. We are always looking for exciting and fresh content, so we have included a few tips on what we look for.

  1. UK based content: Staycations are a big deal at the moment, road trips, hotel reviews, days out.
  2. Local Guides: Tell us about your hometown or one of your favourite places in your own country. This could be things to do type post or why we should visit your area.
  3. Outdoor inspired content: We love the outdoors in the UK. Camping, hobbies, festivals, campervans – content that resolves around outdoor life.
  4. Lifestyle: While we accept lifestyle content, it should be family-friendly and related to the content already on the blog. We rarely post about beauty unless, for example, it’s ‘How a Mum can get self-care into her routine. Type of post.

PLEASE READ: We do NOT accept guest posts from companies trying to promote their product or service. If you are interested in promoting a product or service, please check out our Working With Us page, and we can talk about a potential paid partnership (which is different from a guest post).

We receive far too many guest post requests to respond to everyone – however we do try to respond within seven days.

What is in it for you

We know this is the important part. So here are a few things that writing a guest post on our blog can do for you.

1. Exposure: Our website gets 6000+ monthly page views (and growing!). Plus, we always share guest posts on our social media channels.

2. Backlink: You will receive one do-follow backlink in your author’s bio and a link to your social media. Our website has a DA (Domain Authority) of 18.

3. Relationship: Reoccuring submissions is an excellent way of helping both our audiences. We are always happy to consider other guest posts if the original content is well received.

Important note: We reserve the right to edit, update, and alter, although no post is guaranteed to be live on our blog forever. However, 12 months is usually the maximum I will commit to. We will, of course, contact you and let you know should anything be altered or removed.

Guest Blogger Guidelines

Before Submission

Please read through these guidelines before submitting a guest post.

  • Content here should be lifestyle, family or family travel related.
  • Please only supply new content, not content already used on your own blog or elsewhere.
  • A Little Bit Social is a family-oriented blog; when writing blog posts, please make sure that you consider who you are writing for (Mums, Moms, Dad, Grandparents). Nothing too technical sounding or complicated, and we don’t have any issues with returning content that needs a lot of editing or is badly set out. (We have been known to decline it all together).
  • In the first instance, please don’t send full articles. Instead, please send a brief intro of who you are and any suggestions for posts you have, linked to your blog.
  • We know it’s all about the backlinks, and we are happy to include one content-relevant link to your blog or associated social media. Please be aware that we won’t accept links to adult sites, gambling sites and pharmaceutical sites. Please don’t even ask or try! Any backlinks supplied will be vetted before publishing.
  • We share all guest posts on our social media platforms and can tag you if required.
  • All guest posts will be marked up on my blog as “Guest Posts” for full disclosure. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we are happy to negotiate.
  • You are welcome to include an author bio if you would like. This is in addition to the other backlink.
  • We have the right to edit text or headings as we see fit and add affiliate links should we feel this will significantly enhance the user experience.

Specific Guest Post Guidelines

After Approval

Once you have received an email confirming approval to write your post, it is time to familiarise yourself with the style of our blog, making sure you pay attention to basic SEO and writing in a less formal tone.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: You probably aren’t surprised to learn that we often receive posts that are not up to standard, have poor grammar, and the tone is far too formal. If the draft you sent us is not up to the quality or style of our site, we will decline your article.

Tips for getting your article published

  • Please make the post at least 1,000 words. My readers prefer longer posts, and search engines like Google prefer more in-depth articles.
  • Insert the keyword phrase at least 3-5 times throughout the post. Make sure it sounds as natural as possible. SEO! Please also confirm the keyword phrase you have used during your draft submission.
  • As mentioned, please make sure it is 100% original. There are no duplicates from your personal blog or elsewhere. We do use plagiarism software.
  • Please include 1 – 2 high-quality images that either you own or feel free to use from sources like Pixabay, Unsplash or Pexels and don’t forget to credit the source in the post or provide the link.
  • Please note that we are an English/UK-based blog, so please use English spellings.
  • You may include a link to your website once within the article, ideally, a similar blog post. You will receive a backlink in your author’s bio (no companies, please).
  • Please include other relevant and helpful links in the article – no affiliates! All links will be reviewed, and it is up to our discretion whether or not we keep them.
  • It’s always great to put a face to a name, so if possible, please include a headshot of yourself and a short bio and a link to your website (this will be a do-follow link) and/or social media.

After Publishing

We will always confirm edits and seek approval before publishing and confirm a day and time of when the post will be live along with the link. Posts are guaranteed to stay live for 12 months; however, we might edit your article to keep it relevant and boost rankings. If we have to remove the article for any reason, we will let you know accordingly.

As with all posts on our blog, they are automatically shared across our social media channels. We would appreciate it if you shared it on your website or social media to get a larger reach.

About A Little Bit Social’s Audience

  • 58% of my audience is from the UK; 63% are female and are between 30 – 44 years old and have children.
  • Monthly page views 6,000 and growing
  • 8k followers across social media platforms

In return, I am pleased to offer the following:

  • 1 x do-follow links to blog posts or your blog homepage
  • All guest posts include social media promotion on Facebook and Twitter and, if required, can consist of tagging your social media handles.

Guest Post Submission Form

Before submitting this form, please be sure you’ve read ALL of the instructions above carefully!

Once again, we DO NOT accept guest posts from companies, and you will not receive a response. Instead, contact us on our Working With Us page to discuss a potential partnership.