Five Places to Visit in Norfolk

The summer is rushing upon us, and with summer sunshine, millions of people head to Brighton beaches and caravan parks in Rhyl and Cornwall. But there should be another contender on your radar, and rightful so. Norfolk offers so much, from hot pies and great beer in local pubs to fields of heather that are enough to rival the north of Scotland. So if you’re planning a trip to Norfolk, use this list to help you choose the best spots. Here are five places to visit in Norfolk.

Norfolk beach with wooden posts
Image by 9436196 from Pixabay

Dunwich Heath 

This might be one for the avid photographers and Instagrammers – but it is something that everyone should see at least once. The lilac, lavender, and multitudes of other shades of purple coat the heath. 

The best time to see this in person is between July and September. 

If you are looking for somewhere to walk, clear your mind, and soak in some beautiful British countryside up – Dunwich Heath is top of the list. 

The Devil’s Punchbowl

While the name might sound like something a bit scary, it’s got a big mystical feel about it. The Devil’s Punchbowl is a circular dip that you can visit southwest of Norfolk. 

What makes it cool? Without the aid of any rainwater, the pool fills up. 

While the pool is amazing to see at all times of day, go early in the morning if you want to add to the mystical, magical feel. 

Cobbleacre park 

Right in the middle of Norfolk, you have the stunning Cobbleacre Park. You can camp here if you love to be out in the wilds for a few days – but it also offers excellent fishing. The main attraction is five fishing lakes, touring pitches and 15-holiday homes. 

Hindringham Hall

Did you ever read the book or watch the movie Secret Garden? Perhaps the idea of a stunning secret garden is something that you have always wanted to experience. Well, Hindringham Hall offers you the real deal. An incredible ‘secret’ garden that is untamed and brimming with life. 

It’s easy to lose many hours here, so block the day if you plan to go. The Wild Garden is worth the trip alone, but with the addition of an afternoon tea served up by the gardens? A winner. 

A countryside walk in rural Norfolk with a path lined with flowers.
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Blakeney Point

Any lover of wildlife will adore this place. Blakeney Point is a wonderful salt marsh that hundreds of seals have made home. To get the best of this place, get a boat trip too! One of the most restful things you’re likely to see is a pile of seals lying on the shore basking in the sun. 

To maximise the cuteness, go between November and January, and you will see plenty of new pups too! 

Norfolk has a little bit of everything, and these are just a few of the gems on offer. 

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