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Why We Should Picnic as a Family

One of my favourite times of the year is late Spring when the weather is a little warmer but not too hot, the flowers are blooming, and it feels like the months of typical English weather are behind us, if only for a few weeks. We finally get to enjoy the great outdoors and who doesn’t love a perfect picnic? You find some stuff in the fridge, throw it in a basket, cool bag or your handbag and search the house for a blanket. Picnics are a great excuse to catch up with friends or family.

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The Cantan Chronicles: What Happened in December

Happy New Year! Wow, the end of yet another decade and the start of what hopefully will be a good year. I ended 2009 a working mum of one and by early 2010, I was pregnant with our little monster. What a decade it has been. This post is What Happened in December with a mini look over the last 10 years.

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Blogmas 4: Is the Traditional Nativity Play a Thing of the Past?

Welcome to Blogmas 4: Is the traditional nativity play a thing of the past? As we near the end of another decade, it got me thinking about the traditions that seem to be fading. Nativity plays, carol singing, Christmas cards they all seem to be a thing of the past, with schools looking for alternatives, people donating to charities (I’m all for it) rather than giving Christmas cards but are we losing touch with our history?