4 Likely Behaviours Hindering Your Progress in Life

How has your progress been within the last two years? If it has been satisfying, you are right on track. However, if your progress has been stunted or is slow, then you need help. Before you seek help to progress your life or to have a progressive mindset, you must understand two things. First off, you should note that we are the ones who hinder our chances of progress most of the time. Secondly, figuring out the hindrance to your progress is the first step to streamlining your progress in life. But what are the barriers to your progress? We have highlighted a few below.

Why is progress significant?

You might be asking yourself, why is making progress necessary? Do you recall when you were in high school, and your primary goal was to graduate with good grades and then apply for college?

Now, let’s assume you didn’t make progress, and after spending, say, ten years in education, you still can’t make it to college even if all of your friends are working in big companies and establishments. I’m sure you don’t want to imagine such happening to you. And that is why progress is a vital aspect of life.

1. Procrastinating

Procrastinating, they say, is the thief of time. When you procrastinate on your goals, you end up delaying your success. When you slow your success, how do you progress?

Many of us procrastinate our goals because we feel like we aren’t ready for such a leap. The more prepared we are, the more likely we are to smash a specific goal. While such is true, putting a goal off regularly might diminish your chances of progressing and not increase it as many of us think.

That said, rather than procrastinate, why don’t you make an effort to do what you intend to do? Do you want to start a business? Start it now, not tomorrow. You don’t have to start full throttle; you can begin in bits. Regardless of what you do, start something. In the end, you’ll look back and be wowed at your progress.

2. Anxiety

As I said, many of us experience stunted or zero progress due to certain habits or conditions. In other words, we sometimes hinder our progress by exhibiting characteristics that are detrimental to our goals. Anxiety is one of those characteristics.

Anxiety is a feeling of dread, uneasiness, and worry. It might cause you to sweat, panic, feel restless, and have a fast heartbeat. Anxiety is a prevalent condition that plagues over 80% of Americans. In light of this revealing statistic—of which you can see more — one can conclude that anxiety is a huge issue that affects many individuals and, if not well dealt with, can affect one’s progress in life.

Carry out a quick self-assessment. Try to picture what you are anxious about. Is it that huge goal? Or are you worried that a plan might fail? Harbouring these thoughts will mess up your mind and prevent you from taking any action towards your goals.

3. Going on and off

So, you have made up your mind to learn web development. Your goal is to become a professional web developer in six months. On the first day, you spend a total of 12 hours learning the basics of web development. The enthusiasm and all the materials you need are there.

But, the following day, you decide to take a break. On the third day, you were occupied with something, and you decided to take another break. It goes on and on till the 14th day. Eager to revive your goal and meet up with the deadline, you resume learning only to go on another break, this time for three weeks. This little scenario is what a typical motivational speaker will call “inconsistency”.

To make it in life, you have to be consistent. How do you progress when you aren’t consistent with your goals? How do you smash those goals when you don’t work on them regularly? It’s not rocket science; if you aren’t consistent, you won’t record much progress. Your life will be as stagnant as air.


Certain behaviours can hinder your progress in life. Noting these behaviours and adopting measures to tackle them will boost the chances of achieving your goals and making good progress in life.


  1. mummyconqueringanxiety says:

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    I suffered from anxiety for years and it did hinder me and possibly stop me from grabbing certain opportunities.

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      I’m just learning that myself now. So I’m taking baby steps to get back to where I need to be. Thank you for sharing

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