6 Ways to Help Your Child Make Friends After the Move

Moving is complicated for a kid, and it’s hard for you, too. But it’s challenging if your child doesn’t make friends right away. If your family has just moved and you’re looking for ways to help your child make friends after the move, there are some things you can do to ensure they are comfortable in their new home.

Visit the new neighbourhood.

You and your child can take a walk around the neighbourhood, or you can go on a bike ride together if it’s safe enough to do so. When travelling to a new country for the first time, your child will love exploring the community you’ve relocated to. They will also like actively researching, giving them a sense of ownership over their new environment. When you’re out walking or biking, look for playgrounds and parks nearby, as well as grocery stores or libraries where your family can explore what is available in these places. You may also want to visit restaurants or coffee shops within walking distance from home just so your family gets used to being out in public together.

mother hugging a child on the street
Make sure to check out the new neighbourhood with your kid.

Finally, look online for local libraries or museums where some events might interest your family. These events are great places for children (and adults) who aren’t yet comfortable going out alone because they provide built-in socialising opportunities!

Volunteer with your child

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and help your child make friends. It’s also an excellent way to teach your child the importance of helping others and how to find joy in doing so. If your child has never volunteered before, start small with something like collecting food donations for a local food bank or animal shelter. Then, as they become more comfortable being around strangers and interacting with them, you can move on to more time-intensive volunteer opportunities.

Host a party

Hosting a party is a great way to help your child make friends and get the new neighbourhood in on the fun. Invite some of their new friends over and have them bring one or two more so that more kids can attend. Have a theme for the party (e.g., every kid brings their favourite book), and also plan some games you can play with them (e.g., freeze dance).

help your child make friends after the move by inviting kids to play in the field.
Hosting a party can be a great way to help your child make friends after the move.

You can make it even more fun by having some food or snacks and drinks if they’re still hungry after lunchtime! Another thing you can do is to consider getting a pet after the move. It can be beneficial in many ways, especially if your kid is shy and not very social. If you decide to host a party after the move, make sure they have a good time! This is the first time your child has had friends over since moving into your new home; they must leave with good memories from this experience too!

Involve your child in the moving process.

If you are moving as a family, the packing will be the inevitable part of the process. If you start as soon as possible when moving for the first time and let your kids help, it will help them stay positive. Packing their clothes and toys can be a fun activity, and more importantly, it will help your child think about all the best things about moving into a new home. While packing, you should talk about new sites, schools, and friends they’re about to meet.

toddler playing with toys.
Let your kid pack their clothes and toys before the moving day.

Let them be alone sometimes.

Moving is challenging for parents and kids alike. The key for your child to make friends after the move is to give them opportunities to practice social skills, learn how to be independent, and build confidence. One of many mistakes when travelling with kids is spending all the time by their side, and letting them be alone sometimes can help with all those things.

Your child will need time on their own to recharge and take care of everyday responsibilities like getting dressed or brushing their teeth. This is a good time for them to practice independence while learning how much they can do independently without parental help or oversight.

Additionally, spending time by yourself daily will allow you the space you need to get used to your new surroundings. For example, let your kids enjoy their time alone if you are looking for moving companies online. While browsing websites like zippyshelllouisiana.com, your kids can pack or plan designs for their new rooms. Planning the move is not simple, so you will also need time. Some time alone also allows kids to show off all those excellent social skills they’ve been developing over the years by being friendly while respecting personal boundaries – which might be handy when making new friends!

Invite the kids over to your house

You should do this with their parent’s permission, of course! Having another adult around can be helpful when trying new things like reading aloud from a book or playing cards. This can be an excellent way for everyone to feel comfortable enough. For instance, something might happen during nap time one day (like running errands). Some alone time would benefit everyone instead of hindering progress toward building relationships outside school hours (which usually don’t start until the late afternoon).

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming to every family member. Remember that your kids will make the moving process much easier if they find new friends. Help your child make friends after the move—all you need to do is support them and help them find their way of coping with the moving process!

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