Your Appearance Really Does Affect Your Career Prospects. Here’s How

Most people would like to live in a world where their career progression depends on their ability to perform work to a high standard. But that’s not how it actually works in the real world. Partly, your success comes down to performance, but partly it comes down to appearance too. In other words, the way you look matters.

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Being an Intern Over 30! My Top Ten Tips for a Successful Internship

I don’t know about you but I find February and March to be the best time for that all-important job search, whether its a full career change, a step up or you are about to finish your studies and it’s time to think about the next step. Where do you even begin? So I thought I would write a post on Being an Intern Over 30! My Top Ten Tips for a Successful Internship or work experience.


Are Mum’s Being Forced into Minimum Wage Jobs?

You know how it is, you decide you want to be a stay at home mum, you want to work fewer hours, you want more flexibility within your working day but there is just nothing suitable or flexible enough or your employer already feels the strain. 


Juggling Work with a Special Needs Child

I came across an article recently where a parent/Mum spoke about her constant juggle with her home and work life balance. It got me thinking about my own work/life juggle. If you would like to check out the article written by Tania Tirraoro please check it out here at Special Needs Jungle. It really hit home and inspired me to write my own journey of Juggling work with a special needs child. 


The Pros and Cons of Flexible Working

I’m now officially in my mid to late ’30s. I was struck to realise that I have been left school for 20 years this year! I was born in the ’80s but grew up in the ’90s. My parents divorced in the part of the ’90s which saw my ‘homemaker’ Mum suddenly find herself a single parent, with bills, two children under 10 and no income.

It got me thinking about my own family – The Pros and Cons of Flexible Working


Top 10 Tips for Attending a Job Interview

You’ve got the perfect CV, your covering letter is tailored and makes you sound like the ideal candidate and within two or three days you have a phone call offering you that all-important interview but the thought of it ties your stomach in knots, never fear we’ve all been there and whether it’s your first interview or your 25th, I’m going to offer you a few essential tips to help you (hopefully) sale through the interview and land that job!


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