Covid Is Affecting Kid’s Sleeping Patterns – How Should You React?

There are lots of side-effects of Coronavirus, but one that is going under the radar is the impact it’s having on their sleeping patterns. Kids are particularly at risk as 70% of under sixteens are going to bed later due to working later. Mums and dads have a lot to worry about, yet it’s essential to ensure young people get enough rest to avoid burnout during such a difficult period. It’s not the most straightforward job for parents as children never tell you what is going on in their brains.

Thankfully, the following hacks are effective regardless of the situation.

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Ban Devices

Youngsters heavily rely on mobile devices, and Covid has made the situation worse. Almost three-quarters of parents report that their children are using electronics more during the pandemic, which is unhealthy. Screen time not only limits physical activity, something that’s essential to rest, but the radiation and light given off by devices make it harder to fall asleep because the UV rays trick the body into waking up early. As a result, you should analyse their usage before bed and make sure they cut down. Otherwise, they’ll never get the quality of sleep they require.

And The News

Whether your kids need to watch the news is a debate for another day. What everyone can agree on is the negative effect on their mental health. Hearing about deaths and new restrictions is tough for adults, so it’s bound to be challenging for kids. Plus, they are young and shouldn’t have to worry about the consequences of the health crisis. With that in mind, as well as banning devices before bed, you want to be careful about what’s on TV. You can catch up on the day’s events when they’re asleep, which means there’s no reason to scare them half to death during their supper!

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Make Their Environment Comfy

If your children are struggling to catch the necessary number of Zs, you can focus on their environment. Over the pandemic, the house might have transformed, yet your kids’ bedrooms are the same. In this case, it’s time to redecorate with new beds for kids and colour schemes that encourage sleep. A comfortable mattress is essential, but so is a lack of light, as long as they aren’t afraid of the dark. Depending on the seasons, you should cool or heat the room accordingly to avoid overheating or cold temperatures.

Try And Exercise

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Thankfully, the harshest lockdown measures are over and leaving the house isn’t a criminal offence (in most places!). Still, it’s easy to revert to the frame of mind where you’re stuck indoors, which is when parents and kids lean on technology more regularly. The good news is, you can exercise as a family as many times as you please, and you should. Going for a long walk or running around the park will tire your children out and prevent restless nights. If you can make it a routine, insomnia will be a thing of the past!

Do you have any tricks you like to use to ensure your kids sleep soundly?

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  1. Great post! My youngest has had trouble sleeping since Covid and I agree that exercise definitely helps. We’ve been trying to keep the same bedtime routine going throughout and that seems to have worked too.

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      Thank you Susan, it took us a while to get back into a routine as we did fall into the later bedtime trap in the spring. Thankfully back to normal now. Although last night, they were both up struggling to settle so we are all a little tired today!

  2. Exercise and getting into nature is so important. A good family hike or even daily walks outside can help improve sleep at night. I need to improve in this area myself!

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      We loved walking during lockdown, not so much now the weather has changed but want to walk more. It is such a good way to get exercise and chat with family. Funny how none of us are sleeping well recently.

  3. Amanda says:

    It really is though! Thank you so much for sharing this and for the tips!

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      It’s affected all of us strangely. More so now the clocks have changed and the nights are darker. Thank you for reading Amanda.

  4. I don’t have kids but found this to be an incredibly insightful article. I had no idea!

  5. alittlebitsocial2 says:

    Thank you Lisa, I think it’s been hard on adults too 🙂

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