4 Simple Gestures that Go a Long Way with Kids

There are always new things you need to learn when it comes to parenting, and one of the most important lessons is how to get your kids on your side. As a parent, it’s easy to be frustrated with your children when they refuse to obey or do something you request. So instead of getting angry and using harsh words that will only make them feel worse, try one of these simple gestures instead.

Man Standing Beside His Wife Teaching Their Child How to Ride Bicycle
Teaching them how to ride a bike can be extremely rewarding.

Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna from Pexels

#1 Give them some responsibilities

The first step to getting your kids on your side is giving them some responsibilities. If they feel like they are a part of the family and have tasks to complete, they will be more likely to listen and cooperate. Some good ways to give your kids responsibility is by having them help with chores or picking up their toys.

A simple hug can also work wonders when showing your child that you love and care for them. For example, when they’re feeling upset or frustrated, a hug can make all the difference in the world. Not only does it show that you support and love them, but it also releases oxytocin which helps improve moods.

#2 Listen to their ideas

Another great way to get your kids on your side is by listening to their ideas. If you want them to listen, it’s essential that they feel like they have a say in what happens around the house. So instead of dismissing what they have to say or chastising them for having an opinion, take time out of your day to hear what they have to say

You might be surprised at some interesting suggestions! Whether it means sitting down and reading books together or just staying home from work so you can attend one more school play, being available will help build trust between parent and child, which makes doing chores and following rules much easier in the future.

#3 Explain your actions 

Another meaningful gesture that goes a long way with kids is explaining your actions. For example, if they don’t understand why you said no to something, it will be difficult for them to obey from then on out. While sometimes an explanation isn’t necessary (i.e. if the rules are obvious), other times parents should take some time and explain their decisions so they can better follow directions in the future.

#4 Surprise them with little gifts from time to time

Finally, one simple gesture that goes a long way with kids is surprising them with little gifts from time to time. Whether it’s taking them out for ice cream or buying your little girl pretty communion dresses, kids love getting surprises! It can be easy to forget this when you’re dealing with the stresses of parenting, but a surprise every once in a while will make your child happy.

There are many different ways to get your kids on your side when it comes down to it. By using some (or all) of these simple gestures, you’ll find that life becomes much easier – and more fun! – for both of you. Parenting isn’t always easy, but using these tips should help make things run a bit smoother.

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