Exploring The Best Of Benidorm

Benidorm is the ideal getaway destination for cash strapped families seeking a slice of sunshine, and it’s easy to access with regular flights from many UK airports. Planning your own trip to Benidorm can be such an exciting experience, as there are so many different activities and destinations to explore and discover! If you want to find out more about how you can make the most out of your Benidorm holiday, then read on to uncover some of the best ideas and recommendations that you can utilise today.

Girl in Benidorm
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Beautiful Beaches 

Benidorm has some beautiful picture-perfect beaches that you and your family are sure to enjoy, each offering its own atmosphere and unique selling points. Levante beach is ideal for parents and children. There are essential lifeguard stations to help maintain safety and lots of fun activities such as jet skiing that you can all take part in for maximum enjoyment! Poniente beach is a little calmer and is the ideal photo opportunity if you’re searching for the serene white sand backdrop as it’s cleaned daily to maintain its natural beauty. Almadraba beach is best for adventurous families seeking a thrill, as the pebble floor and underwater stone structures attract masses of sea life that can be seen whilst snorkelling! 

Bustling Bars & Restaurants 

There’s such a wide variety of different bars and restaurants in Benidorm, as it’s a multicultural destination where many people from different backgrounds and nationalities come together. The Benidorm Palace is likely to be the most well-known venue that attracts thousands of visitors a year, and you can buy family tickets for extravagant shows coupled with an appetizing 3-course menu to boot. Food is an important part of life for the people of Benidorm, and you can find some amazing seafood caught fresh from a stone’s throw away – check it out here for the perfect example. It can be beneficial to stray away from the main tourist strip, as you’ll be able to find more authentic Spanish cuisine rather than a more anglicised version. 

Benidorm beach
Image by ledinaa from Pixabay

Ancient Art & Architecture 

Benidorm is filled with ancient art and architecture, with well-preserved landmarks such as Tossal de la Cala’s Iberian settlement dating back to the turn of the 3rd century (BC). There are also many museums and art galleries that house authentic and eclectic pieces like the naval themed Centro Cultural Marítimo. There are also many different walking trails and sightseeing opportunities that you can make the most in Benidorm, so there’s no chance of getting bored when visiting such an exciting, inspiring location. 

Exploring Benidorm’s best has never been so simple when you can utilise some of the many ideas detailed above. It’s a great place to head to if you’re short on funds and time but still want to take your family somewhere warm for the week, as it’s easily accessible and doesn’t cost a fortune! Do your research and plan the best trip ever. 

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