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A second national lockdown has been announced, and many of us are wondering how we are going to cope with the sudden change of circumstances over the next couple of months. Rest assured that we’re better prepared for this lockdown than ever before. The first lockdown taught us plenty of valuable lessons, and we know the rules a little better now. Plus, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with this lockdown! The government is launching a mass vaccination programme, which should help protect many vulnerable people from coronavirus and Covid-19. But this doesn’t take away from the fact that many of us dislike lockdowns. We don’t like being confined to our own homes, unable to see those we love and want to spend time with. So, what can you do to make the experience a little more bearable? Here are some suggestions.

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Adjust to Working from Home

If you’ve once again found yourself working from home, it’s time to adjust. The key to this is communication. Communicate with your workplace. Know what is expected of you. What work needs to be completed and understand when your deadlines are. This will help you to organise your schedule. Then, you’ll need to practice discipline. Make sure to set yourself specific working hours, and do your best to stick to them. This will ensure you perform well and stay on track.

However, due to family circumstances, disability and other commitments, sticking to such a rigid working environment isn’t always feasible. Although we should avoid working from bed, taking too many breaks, working longer hours and working in the evenings, it can’t always be helped, and we shouldn’t feel bad or punish ourselves if we do. We don’t yet know how long this national lockdown will last, so it’s best not to burn out too fast.

Pick Up Some Hobbies

It can, of course, get dull spending all of your time in your own four walls. So, you’re going to have to find new ways to occupy yourself. This is where hobbies can come in handy. Of course, some prove more popular than others. There was a huge shortage of baking supplies like flour, baking soda and yeast in the first lockdown because many people took to baking cakes and bread. So, if you’re planning something popular, you might want to stock up on supplies. If you’re getting into arts and crafts, knitting needles and hot glue sticks could be essentials. If you’re learning a language, try software like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo.

Entertain the Kids

Remember your little ones are bound to be bored too. They haven’t got school, hobby clubs or sports clubs to keep them occupied like they usually might. So, you’re going to have to find ways to entertain them too! See this is valuable family bonding time. Watch films together. Play games. Practice hobbies together – maybe baking or arts and crafts, as mentioned above. You should also help them keep in touch with friends if they’re too young to have their own phones or social media. Arrange calls with their friends’ parents, so they get to speak!

Of course, a full national lockdown is going to take some getting used to again. But hopefully, some of the above tips can get the ball rolling in the right direction!

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Post Disclaimer

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, this is at no cost to you and it is purely at your discretion.


  1. I’m SO relieved I’m a hobby orientated person! While I’ve missed my normal life I’ve found so much comfort in music, drawing and reading! And of course blogging 😉

    Katie |

  2. Hobbies are definitely what’s getting me through lockdown. Drawing, painting, journaling, Netflix but especially blogging! I like to try and work during the day and then have the evening off but sometimes I just have to switch it up – like you said, sometimes it isn’t possible and that’s ok, we gotta give ourselves lots of love and self-care because it is hard.

    1. Thank you, Caroline, it is strange times we live, and I really don’t want to get used to it. Lockdown has taught me so much; I am thankful for. Like you say, it’s nice not to feel guilty if we do work at 10 pm rather than 10 am.

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