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4 Ways to Encourage A Love for Learning

Every parent wants their child to do well at school and foster a love of learning that will carry them towards success in life. With the recent lockdown, parents all over the country have recognised just how difficult it can be for teachers to inspire kids and get them to concentrate on tasks, though and this has given them a new perspective on how to make learning fun for kids. If you want to continue this tradition once they make it back to school, here are four tips to encourage a love of learning.

The Cantan Chronicles

The Cantan Chronicles: What Happened In March & April

Wow! May! It feels like one hell of a year already! I’ve been a little bit quiet on the blog front the last couple of months, what with working from home, being a teacher and trying to maintain some kind of exercise it’s been a touch few months. I had a few posts written but given the pandemic that we are currently in the middle of, it didn’t feel right to share my holiday packing tips or my top recommendations for a weekend away with the girls when most people are having their holidays postponed or cancelled including our own spring break. I wanted to share with you how we are getting on during this covid-19 so this is The Cantan Chronicles: What Happened in March & April.

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Coronavirus: Lockdown 2020

Coronavirus: Lockdown 2020 with a Special Needs Child

Now, you are probably expecting me to be one of those extremely organised parents that has a full structured timetable and a routine. I wish that were true! So here we are Convid-19 or coronavirus as it is also known, we are in self-isolating mode and lockdown with a special needs child. Didn’t see that on my list of 2020.