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4 Ways to Encourage A Love for Learning

Every parent wants their child to do well at school and foster a love of learning that will carry them towards success in life. With the recent lockdown, parents all over the country have recognised just how difficult it can be for teachers to inspire kids and get them to concentrate on tasks, though and this has given them a new perspective on how to make learning fun for kids. If you want to continue this tradition once they make it back to school, here are four tips to encourage a love of learning.

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Family Lifestyle

So I’m a carer! What happened to being just a Mum?

I am an unpaid carer who looks after my son who has additional needs, I am not alone in this as my husband is his main carer now. Being a carer full time, part time, occasionally puts great pressure on our lives as individuals, as a couple and as parents. I personally carry around a great deal of guilt, should I be at home more, should I be working more, should I be spending more time helping him with his needs, should I be attending every course, workshop and coffee morning just to feel like I’m not alone because the one thing I’ve learnt it’s lonely being a carer or a caring team.