When and How to Clean and Disinfect your Home

Now, more than ever, people have become increasingly aware of all the microorganisms they come into contact with on a day-to-day basis. If you clean and disinfect your home regularly, you will reduce the spread of such germs. As a result, the health of you and your loved ones will be protected and improved. When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, many people struggle with knowing when to do it and how to do it properly. Moreover, because there are so many resources available, this topic may appear complicated, which is why we’re here to shine a light on how simple it can be.

When to clean and disinfect your home

Although many people believe there are no set ways to clean and disinfect your home, there are some standards that you may want to follow. These standards are made to fit almost anyone’s current circumstances, you can freely modify and adapt them to your very own case.

Items to clean and disinfect on a schedule:


Certain areas and items in your home are utilised daily, which means you must clean them regularly to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria. Sinks, taps, kitchen worktops, light switches, and doorknobs are examples of these objects. Of course, you should determine which items in your home you (and your family) use every day. If you have children, you may implement a house rule that will instil an excellent cleaning habit they’ll benefit from throughout their lives. Additionally, routines such as daily tasks will aid them in developing life skills and the formation of healthy habits.

A person with yellow cleaning gloves wiping down a drawer handle.
Pay close attention to handles when cleaning and disinfecting your home.


There are several items (and areas) that require your attention weekly. To name a few: hard floors, rugs, furniture, baths, showers, toilets, and electronics will all need to be cleaned and disinfected once a week. While at it, wash your bedding in hot water to eliminate any dirt, oil and bacteria. Of course, depending on whether you have children, pets, or other factors, you may need to perform these duties more frequently. Once done, you will have a safe and odourless place to enjoy the rest of the week in.


Once every month, you will have to tackle cleaning (and disinfecting) items such as your windows, radiators, light fixtures and skirting boards. However, you may also need to thoroughly clean your furniture and appliances and spot clean carpets and upholstery. Although these tasks may take up quite a lot of time, they will be very much worth it in ensuring the safety of your family and friends.

Clean and disinfect your home according to your situation

Of course, depending on your situation, you may choose to do these tasks at different times. If you have dogs or children, you may need to clean and disinfect your home more frequently. If you have guests over, be sure you are inviting them to a welcoming, clean, and safe home. On the other hand, if someone in your home is sick or is more likely to become ill, you’ll need to disinfect the items they come into touch with carefully. Lastly, if you are going through a significant change, such as moving to a new home, you may use this unique opportunity to clean and disinfect your home thoroughly. With things being packed and out of the way, you will have a better chance of getting to those hard-to-reach places.

A small child and a white dog laying on the hardwood floor.
More often than not, your pets and children might make the hardwood floor their favourite place to be, so make sure to clean and disinfect it regularly.

How to clean and disinfect your home

Once you have set a cleaning schedule, now is the time to put that plan into motion. Buy the equipment and products you will require, read their instructions and get your safety equipment on!

Clean visibly dirty surfaces

You can easily clean surfaces that show clear signs of being used. Fingerprints on mirrors, messy worktops and dusty bookshelves will be a thing of the past. A wipe down with a cleaning solution will do the trick in most cases. For deeper cleaning, you can pull apart all the removable parts and thoroughly clean each of them. Use harsher solutions when it comes to objects you may have difficulty cleaning. Lastly, do not forget “high traffic” items like doorknobs and switches.

Properly clean soft surfaces

You can wash your rugs, carpets and curtains with some cleaning solution and water. Of course, do not forget to vacuum as usual. When it comes to laundry, use a good detergent and the warmest temperature appropriate for that material. If you want a stylish kids room, be sure to properly clean all of the bedding, rugs and soft surfaces available. Not only will your kid’s room be a safe place for them to spend their days, but it will also smell divine.

A child playing with toys while lying on the rug on the floor of his bedroom.
Your child will enjoy spending time in a clean and safe child room.

Electronics will need some care as well

People frequently fail to clean all of the electronics they come into contact with. Make sure you’re not one of them. Alcohol is strongly recommended as a cleaning solution for most electronics. So, before using that phone again, give it a good wipe.

How to disinfect surfaces and items

Different disinfectants require different preparations. Read the label, prepare the area, dilute the disinfectant (if needed) and begin disinfecting. If the disinfectant’s label mentions leaving for a certain period, do so. This will ensure the disinfectant does its job correctly—exercise caution by wearing protective equipment such as gloves and a mask. Additionally, keep the windows and doors open for airflow. Lastly, wash your hands once done. If you clean and disinfect your home regularly, it will become a healthy habit that will improve your life. This makes all of the prior effort worthwhile.

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