7 Design Ideas to Style a Small Kids Bedroom

One thing about kids is that they will continuously pursue fun. May it be in the clothes they choose to wear, the spaces into which they blend, or the toys they love: their fun side will always openly be pronounced. As a parent, creating a bedroom to match that energy can be tricky. Remember, it is their personal space. So, you will need to accommodate their various tastes and preferences. Here are 7 Design Ideas to Style a Small Kids Bedroom.

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Use a loft bed to maximise free space.

By now, you might be wondering, “My kid is so playful, and his room is tiny. How can I increase the play space?” Well, while that question might be difficult, the secret is in keeping things simple. You can increase the space in your kid’s small bedroom by installing a loft bed. This single bed raised on supports will allow you to create more free space on the floor. That way, your kid will have a bed and a place to play with their toys.

Use wall decals in the room

Your child is fast-growing, and their tastes and preferences are changing. Usually, you will discover that kids love colourful things. A dull wall may not appeal to them. What do you do? Well, it is easy to offer aesthetics in your kids’ room without having to repaint the room with different colours at different times. That could also easily be tedious and costly.

The secret, however, is in using wall decals in your kid’s room. You will have limitless options with the wall graphics and can easily choose based on your kid’s taste. 

Besides, you will get original wall decals that are simple to clean and easy to install. You can offer your kid a great experience in a bright room with attractive graphics without stretching too much.

Use a fold-down desk.

Depending on your kid’s age, they will need a dedicated study desk for themselves to study, do their assignments, or even draw and sketch. A study table is crucial as it will help them organise their books and stationery for easy access. A suitable desk will come in handy in offering the comfort needed during their study. You can enhance a good habit of studying and help improve creativity. You might find it tough to fit it there owing to space constraints. Well, a fold-down desk can do the job.

Getting one will allow you to have an organised room for the kids while leaving enough space for them to play. 

Invest in good bedding

While everyone needs and can benefit from a good night’s sleep, kids mainly rely on quality sleep to fuel their rapid growth and learning. Science shows that children tend to need more sleep than adults.

The amount of sleep your kid will need may depend on their age. Still, selecting the right bedding for them can help your kid sleep comfortably throughout the night or even during the day.

How do you pick the right bedding for your child? For starters, find a good mattress. Ask yourself; which is the best mattress store near me? You can do your research first before settling on a mattress. Look at factors like firmness, pressure relief, temperature neutrality, and price.

You can then find the right bedding set to serve as an extension to the desired theme in the room!

Make the room colourful.

Your child is likely to love colour. Most kids’ inspiration features colourful walls ranging from cute pink to vibrant red and charming yellow. You don’t have to do a total paint makeover. You can leverage these tricks to jazz up the lighting décor:

●     Flamboyant décor and lighting: you will get more design flexibility and can switch out the décor and lighting fixtures in your kid’s room to alter both its style and theme. This will make a great approach, considering how quickly your child may fall in and out of love with the setting of their room.

●     Use sensational ceilings: a colourful ceiling dramatically alters the appeal of your kid’s room. The ceiling presents an excellent opportunity to add more than just colour. You can decorate it with everything ranging from stars and planets to decals of your child’s favourite superhero. Couple it up with some brilliant lighting! You will create a mesmerising, impressive space that seems full of colour and character. This will offer a great appeal to your child and their taste.

Create a gallery wall

These days, you can capture memories in real-time by taking beautiful photos. The phone or the camera is always in hand for the best moments. So, whether you are strolling with your child in the evening after a long day of work or you are basking under the sweltering heat on a sandy beach, photos will come in handy in capturing those moments. Your child will treasure their memories just as you will.

This is why one of the best ways to allow them to keep their memories is to create a gallery wall in their room. They will have the chance to keep updating the photo gallery as often as they collect new ones.

Green Potted Plants on White Table
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Add potted plants

Potted plants are popular in the living room, bathroom, and garden. But do you know that having houseplants in your kid’s bedroom can be stylish and educational? Well, besides aesthetics, you can teach your children valuable skills about responsibility by watering a potted plant and taking care of it.

Besides, the plants will help clean the air in their room and leave it fresh. So, whether you choose a miniature succulent, or make a statement with a large palm for a jungle vibe, get your child into the indoor gardening spirit with a plant.

Wrapping up

Exploring ideas on how best to design your kid’s room might be challenging. Kids have different tastes, and their preferences change often. However, you can get it right with colour, furniture, and enough space for their room by following some of our ideas.

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