Disneyland Paris Trip Report – Day 3

In August we visited Disneyland Paris, this is our Day three trip report about our goings on.


Disneyland Paris Trip Report – Day 2

You may have already read my previous two posts Disneyland Paris Trip Report Day 1 and my review of the Hotel Cheyenne. If you haven’t please click on the above links and check them out!

As previously mentioned during our visit in 2015, I made no plan! We winged it and in all honesty, it was fine we didn’t have the green pass at that point so it can be done. However, after checking out the Disneyland Paris for Brits group on facebook I was inspired to make at least a rough plan for our trip.


What Happened In August

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Review: Disneyland Paris – Hotel Cheyenne

This is my honest view of the Hotel Cheyenne at Disneyland Paris


Disneyland Paris Trip Report – Travel Day/Day 1

It’s not every day you go to Disneyland Paris and seeing as we are travelling with a disabled child, thought it would be a nice idea to share our experience.


Trip Planning 2019

As a family, the one thing we budget for is our annual summer holiday ‘stay-cation’. I made a decision that after having our son that we would have a ‘proper’ holiday and not three nights in a Premier Inn on the side of the A38 (Not that there’s anything wrong with a Premier Inn, love them in fact). Becoming a family of four in 2010, it changed the dynamic of our road trips, hotel stays and general days out. We needed more room, more belongings and more time to explore, suddenly we didn’t have the option to rush around.

Thinking forward to 2019, I have compiled a list of a few family trips I would like this year. If they are booked, I will include who we booked with!


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