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Guest Post Disclaimer: The views, opinions and positions expressed within these guest posts are those of the author and may not represent A Little Bit Social. The accuracy, completeness and validity of any statements made within this article are not guaranteed.

To experience Disneyland Paris to the fullest, you need to give the magical family park at least two to three days of your summer break. However, you should also make sure you have the right hotel booked to spend your nights. But they offer varying room rates and services and most of them are pretty far away from the main gates of the park. So which one should you go for? Fret not, as this guide will help you out. Read through to find a list of the six best hotels near Disneyland Paris that may meet all your requirements. 

When most people think of Paris, you think of the many famous hotels in Paris, particularly the city centre. There is much more beyond the central metro of Paris. And that’s needed if you are spending significant time exploring Disneyland Paris. Many hotels within and outside Disneyland Paris can accommodate any family. 

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Best Hotels Near Disneyland Paris

This list contains both expensive and budget-friendly hotel options. However, they are often a short walk or bus ride away from Disneyland Paris and offer high-quality services. Take a read of the six best hotels near Disneyland Paris to find out more details. 

Vienna Dream Castle, Magny-le-Hongre

Dream Castle may not look similar to the one you see in Disney movies, but with green grounds and medieval drapery, this hotel provides quite an ambience for all wannabe princesses and princes. In addition, this hotel offers excellent space with an in-house pool, slides for children, and delicious dining. 

While it isn’t inside the park, the Vienna Dream Castle is just a 15-minute car ride away from the main gates. Moreover, it also provides a shuttle bus service for all its customers to take them to the park. This hotel offers fantastic facilities and services. For instance, it has a glorious play area for kids and a massive lobby with arcade games and hockey tables. 

The luxurious rooms have all the necessities, including a television and a kettle for your tea. The bathrooms are pretty beautiful too. The beige-coloured pallets with artistic tiles will make up for the small size of the washrooms. The Dream Castle offers rooms of all sizes. However, this place is perfect for families without any budget constraints. 

While it is an expensive hotel to stay in, the services it offers are pretty commendable. From the housekeeping staff to the receptionist, you will be amazed by the French hospitality. You can also buy tickets for various places in Paris from the reception staff. So, if you want to enjoy great food and comfortable nights, the Vienna Dream Castle is worth your consideration. 

Les Villages Nature Paris, Bailly-Romainvilliers

Disneyland Paris offers a magical experience, but a bad hotel can ruin it. However, if you choose Les Villages Nature Paris as your holiday accommodation, you will cherish this break for the rest of your life. This eco-friendly place offers beautiful apartments and cottages for a peaceful family stay. Surrounded by lakes and lush green gardens, you will feel a sense of comfort in this resort. 

After a tiring day at Disneyland, this hotel will provide you with huge compartments, a pool, a sauna, a spa, and even a gym. Each cottage has a kitchen with a kettle and dishwasher to make you feel at home. The Les Villages Nature Paris is just five miles away from Disneyland’s gates. I suggest taking a 20-minute bus if you are with a big family.

This hotel offers both double beds and single bedrooms with free Wi-Fi at competitive rates. However, the prices do not include the cost of breakfast, and you may have to pay for it separately. There are even nearby Parisian vineyards that you can explore to have some adult time after a long day at Disneyland Paris.

Explorers Hotel Algonquin, Magny-le-Hongre

For the little explorers in your family, this hotel will be an excellent place to rest after experiencing rides and running after Disney characters. The Explorers Hotel Algonquin offers a plethora of activities and commendable services. 

The accommodation has a 6D cinema, a water park with slides, and a massive play area. There is a pizza place, a luxurious restaurant, and a buffet place within the hotel. If your kids love snacks, there are also two snack bars with many delicious items. 

The Explorers Hotel has interconnecting rooms for families with members between two to ten. All rooms have a television, coffee machine, and comfortable beds. Traditional breakfast is included in the price, but you can buy food from any of the three restaurants.

This hotel provides a shuttle service, completely free, from the hotel to the park. The reception also sells Disneyland tickets for your ease. 

Disney’s Newport Bay Club, Chessy

Located just 10 minutes walk away from the main parks, staying at this hotel will save lots of your time and energy. The perfect location to try out your Disney park bag. You can also ask for a free shuttle service to make your journey more manageable, or you can walk the short distance directly to the park via Disney Village.

Disney’s Newport Bay Club is a lovely colonial hotel with newly updated Disney-themed rooms. If you are lucky, you can also meet Disney characters in the hotel during your stay, as they like to appear in the reception area throughout the day. Each room has a bathroom facility, and some even have a balcony that overlooks Disney Lake.  

Newport Bay Club has swimming pools, a fitness centre, a sauna, and a hot tub for a relaxing experience. There is a Disney shop and a desk service ready to accommodate you whenever you want. However, breakfast is extra. Something to consider is park tickets may not be included with the hotel reservation, depending on who you booked through.

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

Campanile Val de France, Magny-le-Hongre

This hotel is a cheap alternative to all the above options. However, that doesn’t mean it lacks class or comfort. On the contrary, the Campanile Val de France offers large rooms, french architecture, and quality dining. Each room has air-conditioning, has a television with free Wi-Fi and a private attached bathroom. There are double bedrooms and also ones with two bunks. 

The accommodation has a huge play area for children and an on-site farm for families. This property also has a Disney store, a well-built video game arena, and a huge merry-go-round. If you fancy an English breakfast, the hotel provides you with that for free within a specific time slot. The in-house restaurant also offers snacks for your cravings.  

The Campanile Val de France runs a shuttle service to Disneyland parks for all its guests. The ride takes 10 minutes to arrive at your location. Since this hotel is quite budget-friendly, you may have to book a room early to avoid disappointment as it is tough to find a place in the summer season. 

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Hotel L’Elysée Val d’Europe, Serris

If you are a couple on a honeymoon in Paris, Disneyland Paris should make it to your itinerary. However, when it comes to your stay, the Hotel L’Elysée Val d’Europe will tick all the right boxes. Made especially for couples, this property is just two kilometres away from Disneyland parks. You can easily find a taxi near the hotel to take you to your location, or you can ask for a shuttle service from the reception. 

The Hotel L’Elysée Val d’Europe is located in the middle of a small town that has shopping malls, bars, and restaurants within your reach. There is a famous Sea Life Aquarium near the hotel for additional entertainment. This property has beautiful rooms with lift access, free Wi-Fi, and a television. There is a restaurant within the hotel that offers fantastic meals throughout the day. 

Before booking a room for yourself, make sure to go through the various room options this hotel provides. If you’re looking for ensuite facilities, don’t hesitate to request the reception staff for this requirement. 

There you have the six best hotels near Disneyland Paris, where will you be spending your next trip? Let me know in the comments below?

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Post Disclaimer

Guest Post Disclaimer: The views, opinions and positions expressed within these guest posts are those of the author and may not represent A Little Bit Social. The accuracy, completeness and validity of any statements made within this article are not guaranteed.


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