3 Ways To Preserve Those Precious Family Memories

Our kids grow up so fast, don’t they? One moment they’re marching out of the door on their first day of school, and the next, they’re preparing for their exams with dreams of going away to University or college. Where does the time go? Unfortunately, we can’t slow downtime, but we can do things to preserve the family memories that we gather during the course of life’s journey.

Of course, the first thing we need to do is create memories in the first place. Too often these days, screen time gets in the way of creating special family moments, so if you’re relating to this, use these ideas to get your kids off their tech. Then consider the following tips so you can retain your precious family memories for longer. 

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#1:  Keep a family journal

Journals are great for writing about the ins and outs of our lives, and we can look back at them in later years when trying to remember events that took place and our own thoughts and feelings during those times. You might keep a journal already but whether you do or not, think about using one for stories about your children. Use it to write down the funny and inquisitive things they say, make a note of their milestones and how you felt at the time, and include anything else that will bring those memories flooding back. I love a good journal and over years have filled plenty of pages with family news, events and I find it a great way to remember.

#2: Hire a professional photographer

How many photographs do you have of your children? And when talking about photographs, we refer to those on your walls and shelves and not those on your phone. The trouble with today’s tech is that many of us have very few physical photos at all, as they are all stored away on our phones and tablets. This is fine if they are backed up on the cloud, but if not, we are in danger of losing them forever if our tech fails on us. So, get in touch with a family photography professional, frame the photos they create, and either put them around your home, perhaps in the form of a gallery wall, or stick them within the confines of an album. 

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#3: Prepare a family yearbook

Lots of schools have yearbooks, and it might be that your child has brought one home themselves. They are a great way to look back at what has happened during the previous year. You could create one that details your family’s life, with photos, report cards, quotes from your children, and other mementoes that can fit into the pages of the yearbook. You can purchase a family yearbook here, but you could also make your own if you’re feeling crafty or use an online alternative. 

There is always more you can do, of course. For example, you can take videos of your family and store them online or on a DVD. You could keep a box of keepsakes. And you could even take sound clips of events happening around your home. There are plenty of other ideas online, so while you can’t slow downtime, you can preserve those precious family memories you make during your lifetime. 

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