7 Essential Features of a Family-Friendly Community

Parents about to become new homeowners have one serious responsibility – to choose the best location for their family home. Raising your family is not only about what happens inside the house; it is also about the surrounding of your home. Picking the right community depends on a couple of factors, and one of them is choosing the family-friendly one. But, if you have not lived in your new place before, it can be hard to recognise such an area. Luckily, we are coming to the rescue. This post will share the seven most important features of a family-friendly community. After reading them, you will be able to narrow the list of your favourite locations and choose the best place to live with your loved ones.

Before you start looking, you should know that…

Choosing an area and a new home can be a lengthy process. However, you should not rush it, especially if you purchase instead of renting a new home. Start your search early to visit all your favourite locations, talk to the locals and do your research. This will help you get better insight into every selected area and help you choose what is best for your family.

Seven essential features of a family-friendly community

Let’s see what to look for once you start searching for a perfect place to live with your family.

a family of three crossing a street in a family-friendly community
Look for a place where you don’t need to worry about your child’s safety.

Low crime rates

You want a family-friendly community that is safe and has low crime rates. Depending on where you are moving, there is a chance you can find crime rate reports on an official website. However, there are other ways to check that. Take a look at the streets and evaluate what you see safe areas have well-lit streets, clearly visible traffic signs, buildings that are not damaged and covered with graffiti, etc. If you see abandoned homes, shops with extreme safety measures, and damaged cars – that is not the place you are looking for.

Kid-friendly amenities

Families want to live in locations where they can quickly reach all the necessary amenities. Parks, playgrounds, schools, swimming pools, etc., are all amenities that can be found in a family-friendly area or nearby. Outdoor spaces are essential in every childhood – a place where they can play games, socialise, play sports, and enjoy their time in the fresh air. You want these places close to your home so you can easily take your kids outside and have fun without spending a lot of time sitting in traffic.

Children on the streets

If a community does not have kids playing outside, riding bikes, or skateboarding, it is not a family-friendly area to look for a home. Safe places with less traffic will allow kids to play freely around their homes, spending more time outside instead of in their rooms playing video games.

parents teaching their child to ride a bike
See kids playing on the street – you’re in a family-friendly community!

Good education options

It is not necessary to have the most outstanding school right there beside your home. Still, safe and good-quality schools are a sign of a family-friendly area. You can look at the list of excellent schools in and around the area and then explore communities close to them. This will ensure a supportive learning environment for your child and reduce the travel time. Family-friendly communities also provide their youngest residents with opportunities to develop their skills even after classes, so they often include a library, after-school programs, events, etc.


Even though it is a detail many people forget to notice, pavements are an essential part of every family-friendly street. This means your kids can go to school on foot, play outside, and you can easily take a stroll together around your new area. Also, if you have a baby, imagine taking it out in a stroller on the street without suitable pavements – it sounds pretty dangerous, doesn’t it?

Family-friendly restaurants

Not every good-quality restaurant is suitable for families. Explore the map of the area you like and check out the restaurants in the area. Are they family-friendly, or are they ideal for couples who want a wild night out? This can be a great sign you can use to narrow your options and make the search shorter.

Friendly people

Last but not least, people that will be your future neighbours should be friendly. Indeed, you do not expect to make best friends with everyone. Still, a welcoming community is always a sign of kid-friendliness. We advise you to walk around the desired area and introduce yourself to the people you meet. Start a conversation about the area, ask for recommendations, and see who the people you can potentially call neighbours are like.

a baby in a stroller
Look for a place where you can take a stroll with your bundle of joy.

Found a place you like? It is time for the move!

After going through all the family-friendly community features, finding the right place to live should be easy. This is the time to start planning your relocation, as moving with kids takes extra effort and energy. However, do not forget that kids can also find this event stressful – try to be there for them and help them feel at ease during this significant change. It is best to communicate about everything while assisting kids in adjusting to a new home and include them. Also, tell them all the great things about your new home, and set a positive note on this relocation.

Finally, parents need some help when moving their family to a new location. Always research to pick a safe and professional moving team to assist you with packing and transporting your household. Safety should be the top priority of this relocation, so always insist on transparency and expert services. Not all areas have features of a family-friendly community, but it will be much easier to spot them with the list we shared. Good luck with your search!

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