7 Things You Can do to Bring Up Kids That Can Cope With Challenges

Life has its ups and downs, and as much as you try to protect your kids, they will eventually have to face challenges and none more so than a child with special needs. It’s not easy to watch our children struggle, whether with their education, friendships, or general well-being. Our family life is different to most; there is a lot more hand-holding and shielding while we slowly raise them to cope with challenges. So, I completely understand how hard it can be to leave your children to grapple with challenging situations, leaving you feeling guilty, but you might have to face the fact that you may not always be there for them. However, you can have peace knowing that they will go into the world being more confident and ready to face difficult situations by doing the following things.

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Allow your kids to make mistakes

Sometimes, it’s disheartening and irritating to watch your kids make mistakes when you know you can control the situation. However, the best way to let them learn is through mistakes. If your kids want to try out particular projects, allow them instead of shielding them. Failure is sometimes a wonderful thing that can teach your kids persistence and resilience. So, instead of swooping in to save them when they make a mistake, allow them to learn how to pick themselves up and try again until they learn to cope with challenges.

Have open talks

From a young age, be open to communicating with your kids. This way, you can inform them about challenging situations in the home, such as finances, death, and divorce. Also, have open discussions about life and make them understand that life won’t always be easy. Talk to them about the challenges they are likely to face and let them be open to talking about their fears. This way, you can inform them about ways to deal with these challenges to help them make informed decisions when faced with tough choices.

Be their first role model

Kids learn the most from their parents, and the behaviours they pick up at a young age tend to stick for a long time. The same way you deal with problems at home is the same way they will deal with theirs. If you’re one to yell, they will throw tantrums, and if you stay calm and talk about it, they will do the same. So when you’re going through difficult moments such as negotiations on finances with divorce solicitors, demonstrate deep satisfaction and calmness.

Encourage kids to deal with their problems

When faced with a challenge, many people tend to run away from it. However, this doesn’t make it go away. Sometimes, avoidance to deal with problems can worsen them, and this doesn’t help the situation. Instead, teach your children to be proactive and prompt about solving problems when they arise. Such teachings come in handy in their lifetime, whether at work, marriage, or general life circumstances.

Teach kids to ask for help

Mental health problems are one of the major challenges many individuals go through in the world today. Unfortunately, from a young age, especially for the male gender, they are taught to deal with problems alone. Crying and asking for help is seen as less manly. However, while this may seem like the best way to cope with challenges life can throw at us, it can lead to depression, stress, diseases, and even suicide. Teach your kids that it’s okay to seek help from family, friends, and professionals when they face challenges they can’t deal with alone, instead of feeling ashamed.

Impart confidence

Dealing with challenges in day-to-day life requires confidence. As a parent, you can either make or break your kids with how you deal with their failure at a young age. Use words of encouragement to build your kids up when they face challenging situations or fail at something such as math. When you tell kids that they can make it, these words stick with them for a long time and help them stand tall in the face of adversity, even in the future.

Sign them up for volunteer projects

The world is full of challenges that many kids only come to know about when they are older. Some of these include differently-abled people, those living with terminal illnesses, and others who depend on projects in the community or church for survival. By signing your kids up for volunteer projects, they can see the world for what it is and learn to take care of others. They become responsible, lead with excellence and work hard to make the world a better place.

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Bottom line

Your kids need to grow up and be resourceful people in society. However, they can only do so if they have the confidence and knowledge to cope with challenges. As a parent, it is your responsibility to strengthen your family ties; these boost confidence in your kids, especially when you involve them in discussions and family activities and talk to them about problem-solving.

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