8 Winter Day Trip Packing Essentials

When it comes to preparing for a winter day trip, you need to consider a lot of things. From packing the right clothes and accessories to ensuring you have all the supplies you need, this guide will help ensure that your winter day trip is enjoyable and hassle-free.

Preparing for a Winter Day Trip

When heading out on a winter day trip, it’s important to be prepared. While packing light is essential, there are some items you won’t want to leave behind. Staying warm and cosy during the colder months requires essential items like a hat and gloves, a warm coat and scarves, heavy-duty boots with good traction, extra blankets and thermal layers in case it gets freezing, hand and foot warmers, snacks and water.

It can be hard to know what to pack if you are from the UK (like us) or are planning to visit the UK in the winter months. Temperatures are generally milder the further South you are. We live in the South, so we don’t get much snow (mainly frost and icy roads), but if you are venturing North towards Scotland, snow is more likely.

Talking of snow, you may be disappointed to learn that the UK doesn’t, on average, have months of snow. According to metoffice.gov.uk, the snowiest places in the UK are Caringorm, Baltasound, Fair Isle, Loch of Hundland, and Copley are just, averaging over 50 days of snowfall each year.

For the perfect winter day trip, look no further than a crisp, cold and sunny day. With blue skies and dry conditions, this weather provides the best opportunity to explore the outdoors. But be warned—even if the forecast looks good, the weather can quickly become wet or windy. So make sure you’re prepared!

Mobile Phone with a powerpack

Planning a winter day trip has never been easier! With today’s phones, you can have an entire destination map at your fingertips. Furthermore, many emergency services will be conveniently available just a few clicks away. No matter where you are, even in the depths of a forest, you can stay connected to your family and friends.

Make sure your winter day trip is safe – bring a fully charged phone with you! Mobile phones or devices can be beneficial in an emergency, so have at least one device with data access and a power pack. Doing this ensures that if anything goes wrong, you can call for help and capture memories of your outing with family and friends.

Man holding mobile phone looking at snow scene

ID, Cash, a bank card

A winter day trip can be a great way to have some fun during the cold weather, but it’s essential to ensure you’re prepared. Bring along some form of ID, a bit of Cash and a bank card, just in case. You’ll be covered if something unexpected happens and you need money for an emergency or unexpected expense.

Ensure you’re well-prepared with fundamental essentials, such as an RFID-blocking wallet and anti-theft bags. Given the modern rise in pickpocketing in major tourist destinations like Barcelona, Rome, Paris, or Amsterdam, investing in an anti-theft backpack and secure wallet is essential for your peace of mind. With these items, you’ll be able to enjoy your day trip to its fullest.

You won’t want your day trip ruined because you find your valuables have been taken.

Warm Clothing.

On your day trip, adequate layers of warm clothing are essential for remaining comfortable and avoiding getting too cold. Bring a hat, scarf, gloves, insulated coat or jacket, and waterproof boots. Clothing made from wool or fleece is most effective at keeping you warm and comfortable. A thermal mug filled with a hot drink can also help keep you warm during the day.

Additionally, a blanket is helpful to keep handy in case you get cold while on the move. Blankets like the EverSnug travel blanket are convenient and lightweight, making them ideal for packing in your bag while keeping your total weight within limits. Always take a few moments before leaving your house to double-check that your clothing will be sufficient for spending the day outdoors in chilly temperatures.

Woman in snowy scene wearing warm clothes
Warm clothing is essential on any winter day trip.

Warm Jacket.

Always pack a warm coat or jacket when you take a winter day trip. Look for something water-resistant and insulated with down or synthetic fill. This will help keep you warm and dry and protect against the wind chill. Layering with multiple layers of clothing is also an effective way to prevent heat loss. Always wear a base layer made from merino wool and top it off with a midweight insulation layer like fleece or fleece-lined options.

Hat, Scarf and Gloves

As a basic rule of thumb, you should always bring along a hat, scarf, and gloves when taking a winter day trip. A good warm hat will help keep your head and ears friendly while minimising your body’s heat loss. A scarf protects your airway from getting cold air breathed into it. And gloves are essential for protecting your hands from cold weather. Look for gloves made from thick wool or fleece to keep extra warmth and cosiness.

In addition to those essential items, you’ll want to bring some additional gear depending on the activity you plan for the day. If you’re hiking or skiing, bring warm boots, waterproof pants, and an extra layer if it gets colder. Snowsuits are perfect for younger kids, keeping them warm and dry.

You should also pack plenty of water and food if your cold-weather trip lasts longer than a few hours.

Lady wearing a scarf cupping a starbucks mug
A basic rule of thumb is always to bring a hat, scarf, and gloves when taking a winter day trip.

Boots, Wellingtons or walking shoes

The most crucial factor to consider when planning a winter day out is your footwear. There are many options, such as boots, wellies and walking shoes – but if you’re unsure what to wear, why not bring along a few different types? This will ensure that you’re fully equipped for whatever the wintry weather throws your way (and in the UK, that can be a lot) – whether it’s a walk in the hills or a road trip!

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First Aid Kit and Medication

We know a travel first aid kit, and medication is essential for our family. Medicine includes painkillers, antihistamines, emergency medication (especially if anyone in your family has a medical condition), and cream for stings and bites.

We recommend that you either buy a ready-made kit or find a small cosmetic bag and make your own (like I did) and ensure it’s always topped up and ready to go.

Small travel first aid and medication kit

Finally, any Personal items

Winter day trips can be both fun and chilly! As this post mentions, pack all your must-haves to stay comfortable during your adventure. Our suggestions include a nice, warm coat, boots (if the terrain is snowy), layered clothing, hats, scarves and gloves.

Other items on our list include anything you may feel is essential, a thermal mug for hot drinks, snacks for energy, a map of the area, tissues, wet wipes, a torch and lip balm are just a few suggestions – The rest is up to you!

One final point – when packing for a day trip, you must think about what you’ll be doing while you’re there. For example, if you plan on hiking, bring plenty of layers, and if rain is forecast, don’t forget waterproofs! And remember to pack a change of clothes in case you get caught in the rain.

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