The Dark Imp Coaster Games Review

AD/GIFTED: As a family, we love a good card game! Our go-to favourites are Uno, Top Trumps and a good old fashion set of playing cards so when Ellie from **The Dark Imp reached out and asked us to have a play with her Coaster Games, we couldn’t wait to give them a try!

A Little About The Dark Imp

The Dark Imp believe that conversations begin with a board game! Teenagers and their parents should sit down for ten minutes (the maximum we get) and spend time as a family. They want to help families reconnect without the use of social media. It can be over a Sunday roast or a Friday night takeaway, but we must show our children (whatever their age) that TOGETHER time is important!

First Impressions of Coaster Games

Coaster Games Selection

The set comes in a small cardboard sleeve, the size of coasters and could easily be placed in a pocket or bag for transportation and perfect for holidays, days out and restaurants. Just grab some paper and pencils as they are reusable! Bonus is all games are suitable for ages 8+, and they retail at £4.99 per pack of six so the same price as a standard pack of playing cards!

There are six different games available:

  • Letter Market – a word game for 2+ players.
  • Sleuth Box – a deduction game for 2 players.
  • Alien Farm – an action-selection game for 2-4 players.
  • Ice Cream Truck – a risk-management game for 2+ players.
  • Treasure Split – a cooperative game for 2 players.
  • Free the Frog – a party game for 2+ players.

Play Time

Let’s get to the important stuff. Playing! On a quiet Sunday afternoon, I took out the cards, some pens and paper, and once we worked out the rules, we had an excellent half an hour playing around the different formats.

Family playing games
Sunday Funday

Our favourite was definitely Treasure Split! Being a competitive family, I think there was a lot more stealing going on then splitting!

Final Thoughts

With everything going on with the Coronavirus right now, it was nice to do something different. We often find it hard to sit down and play games, we spend time watching television, and there has to be a limit on screen time! I wasn’t sure what to expect, I thought how do you play games without tokens, dice or counters? So it is a well thought out process by Ellie as it really works!

I also feel that older teenagers would enjoy having a play around with friends. Given the right group of people, it could be quite the giggle.

If you are interested to know more or want to purchase a pack, please head over and check The Dark Imp out.

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