9 Tips for a Stress-Free Camping Trip with Kids

Is the thought of camping with your kids scaring you? But there’s nothing to worry about. Do you know why? Because nothing other than camping is a more exciting way to get your kids around Australia. They get to witness nature and wildlife. And in all, camping is a great opportunity, where kids get to learn new things.

Here we are at your rescue with some tips that would make your camping trip with kids a cherishing memory you will never forget.

Family of four - Dad and three kids sitting inside entrance of tent.
Family Inside the Tent

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Tips for Camping Trip

Conduct a Trial Camping Run

Is it your kids’ first camping trip? If yes, then you must make them familiar with the sleeping environment at the campsite. Often kids become restless when the environment changes.

You can either pitch a tent at your home or go for a family outing at the nearby park for a day. Stay there to see how they react and whether they are comfortable or not.

Find the Right Campsite

Choose the campsite wisely. Ask your kids what type of things they wish to do and see. Choose the campsite that offers multiple kid-friendly activities, e.g., fishing, berry picking, etc.

Ensure the campground has beaches, swimming pools, playgrounds, picnic spots, rivers, hot showers, drinking water, barbecues, flushing toilets, and a bucket full of other amenities.

Book the Campsite and Plan Your Camping Trip in Advance

Imagine reaching a fully booked campsite or getting misled on the way and going the wrong direction? To avoid such last-minute surprises, plan your camping trip itinerary and book your campsite well in advance.

Take care of this, especially if you’re planning a camping trip during the summer holidays as it is the peak camping season with kids.

Check the Weather

Before hitching your caravan, always check the weather forecast and be well-prepared. If there is a chance for rain, pack rain jackets for your kids and some tarps for the camping set-up.

Temperatures can change anytime. If it is hot during the day, it could be cold at night. So, pack extra layers of clothes and warm blankets for your kids. Also, make sure you park your caravan under the shade when it’s hot.

Couple lying on picnic blanket while looking ay a map
Couple Lying on Picnic Blanket While Looking at a Map

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Organise Your Camping Gear

Camping gear is your survival kit for the camping trip. Make sure you pack the essentials like kitchen supplies, personal supplies, sleeping bags, first aid kit, caravan tool kit separately. It saves your time from rummaging through the stuff and helps you stay organised.

A caravan is never enough. Also, when travelling with kids, you might fall short of space at the campsite. Here’s a caravan camping gear that would instantly extend your living space where you can relax, sleep, play, cook or even store your luggage – a Caravan Awning. Choose a Caravan Awning for your vehicle from a diverse range at Xtend Outdoors and double your space.

Pack It All

When packing for the camping trip, keep dark coloured clothes. Kids are not going to stay in one place. They are bound to get in the mud and get decked up with dirt all over their clothes. Pack wellington boots as well. They are something you would be truly thankful for. And do not forget to stuff your kids favourite stuffed animal, pillow and blanket if you do not want to regret it later.

Involve Your Kids

Although you can do everything by yourself, involving your kids in the camp chores is an excellent way to begin the fun in advance. If your kids are big enough, you can take their help in

  • pitching a tent,
  • cooking a meal,
  • rolling out sleeping bags,
  • filling up water bottles and in many other camping activities.

Also, plan some fun camping games like camping Olympics, scavenger hunt, the alphabet game and many others to keep them entertained.

Plan Your Camping Meals Beforehand

Ask your kids what treats they would like to take along? What would they like to eat? Stuff their go-to snacks for the trip and learn some easy camping meal recipes that would help you at the campsite.

Because while camping, you are less likely to get a home-like meal. And they’ll surely get on your nerves if they do not get their favourite meals. And we are sure you won’t want that to happen on the camping trip. So, it is better to prepare in advance.

Once Reached, Set Safety Rules

Once you park the caravan at the campsite, set boundaries for your children, teach them to blow a whistle so you can find them if they are lost while playing at the campsite.

Also, make your kids aware of the danger zones nearby the campsites, if any, like a steep bluff, stream, and road. Always ensure they have a headlamp or torch with them.

Pitched Dome Tents Overlooking Mountain Ranges
Pitched Dome Tents Overlooking Mountain Ranges

Photo by Xue Guangjian from Pexels


When travelling with kids, stress and chaos await you at the campsite. But don’t worry. These tips would surely save you from everything and make your camping adventure an experience to remember!

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Danny Smith is CEO and Founder of  Xtend Outdoors Australia, which manufactures and sells caravan annexes, awnings, and accessories. He loves caravan holidays and frequently blogs about caravanning trips, parks, and tips.

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