Christmas Hampers: Surprise Your Nearest and Dearest this Festive Season

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but also the busiest for many. It’s all about giving and receiving, and we all know finding gifts for family, friends, and colleagues can be a bit overwhelming, so why not surprise your nearest and dearest this festive season with Christmas hampers. Even if you want to create unique and lasting memories, the end of the year usually means juggling tasks at work, parties and Christmas shopping, and it can all become very stressful. 

The memories of last Christmas are far behind you now, but the days are flying by, and before you know it, another Christmas will be right around the corner. That’s why it may be time to start thinking about your Christmas gifts and avoid adding unnecessary pressure to your already busy schedule. 

When Christmas is looking very different in these pandemic times, sending a gift is the best way to remind the people you love and appreciate that you are thinking about them. That being said, Christmas hampers have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and you may be wondering what’s all the fuss about them.

Why Christmas Hampers are a Great Idea?

Nothing beats a basket filled with festive treats delivered to your doorstep, especially in these days when family gatherings and Christmas gifts exchanges might not happen. But that doesn’t mean that the tradition can’t go on. Hampers have always been seen as a gesture of love and goodwill. Even though they have changed and evolved over the years, their main purpose and contents remain the same, making perfect gift choices that surround good food, good drink and good company, like Christmas.

Suitable for Everyone on Your Gift List

A Christmas hamper is the perfect gift choice for a loved one, a family member, friend, a valued client or colleague. When it comes to sending corporate Christmas gifts, if you want to get creative, one of your best options is to choose edible treat boxes. Little treats can make a significant impact; they are always appreciated and can strengthen your relationships with colleagues and clients.

But it doesn’t stop there as these memorable gifts can easily stand out in the festive season, so you can choose edible Christmas hampers for different people on your list and rest assured that each one of them will feel loved and appreciated. You can find a gift hamper to suit everyone’s preferences, including everything from chocolate to wine, cheese, biscuits and other traditional festive fares. 

Everyone loves great food and alcohol around the festive season, making edible hampers the best choice. They’re a great way to spoil someone you love, whether it’s your parents, a partner or a friend. Available in many themes and with the option to be customised, you can choose what’s best depending on who the recipient is.

There are many benefits of sending chocolate gifts over bouquets of flowers, and since there is no rule of how big or small a hamper should be, you can play around with countless options for almost every person on your gifting list. So, even if the list grows every year, you don’t have to worry about it. 

One of the best things about Christmas gift hampers is that they satisfy a wide range of tastes and can be an excellent choice for those on your list who seem to have everything they need. A well-chosen Christmas hamper should reflect the taste and preferences of the person it’s meant for, so you can choose from various arrangements to make them happy, whether they are wine enthusiasts, have a sweet tooth or are gluten intolerant. 

When gift shopping, remember that your thoughts matter more than your budget. It’s the thought that counts and not the size of the gift basket. There is an excellent selection for every price range, so you can still get something shipped right to their door and make their day. When you take the time to pick a Christmas hamper, you can’t go wrong, as everyone enjoys getting a uniquely tailored and considered present

Surprise, Surprise

You can say that the real advantage of a hamper is the “surprise” factor when the recipient opens it. It’s not your typical gift as no one puts down a Christmas hamper on their wish list, right? It’s an unexpected yet beautifully presented keepsake that no doubt will put a smile on their face and make them feel the Christmas spirit once again. 

Useful and Practical

With this kind of gift, you can be sure that it will be used and thoroughly enjoyed. No one can ever have too many gourmet treats, delicious sweets or exquisite wines when Christmas is here. It’s a collection of several gifts in one, so your recipient can enjoy more than one outstanding gift. This festive surprise can either be enjoyed alone or shared with others.

Available Online

Online shopping has been a pleasure and stress-free even in the days before we had lockdowns and quarantine. However, buying Christmas gift hampers online and sending them to the people you love is a great way to stay safe and show them some love and appreciation even in these uncertain times.

Reusable Christmas Hampers

Christmas gift hampers aren’t only the food and drink you are sending, but also what they are presented in. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes and beautiful baskets and presentation boxes, so even when the recipient is finished eating all the delicious goodies, they will be still able to reuse the packaging, whether it’s for summer picnics, for storage, to package another gift or else.

Make It Memorable

Hampers stuffed with good food and practical items are something everyone would be happy to get, but if you want to make your hamper unique, then make sure to add your touch to it. For instance, a personal message wishing your recipient a Merry Christmas can be enough as sometimes it’s our words that make the gift unique and memorable.

Christmas can be such an overwhelming time that purchasing a Christmas Hamper for a friend, loved one or colleague could save you money and time. Do you like giving gifts of hampers? Do you make your own or buy from a shop? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Christmas hampers are amazing as long as they don’t create too much waste.

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      I couldn’t agree more which is why I opt to make my own rather than a shop-bought one, that way I know exactly what my friends and family like and appreciate.

  2. Love this! Christmas hampers are such a lovely idea, they always have the element of surprise and I agree that it’s another bonus that the packaging can be reused! Thanks for sharing, you’ve made me think a lot more about potential present ideas this Christmas x

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      Last year I made a hamper for my parents using Christmas stockings, it wasn’t a large basket of things and it was probably one of my most favourite to make and come up with. I’d find little bits and pieces and add them to the stocking and they loved it.

  3. When I am stumped and do not know what to get someone, a hamper is always what I fall back to! When it is not the holiday season too, I go for a gift basket as it is the same idea of a fun curation of surprising, delicious, and useful gifts. 🙂

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      I love a gift basket. It’s something that I feel creative about and I love adding little bits and pieces to add the wow factor. I did it last year for Christmas and I always do it for my friend, trying to find new ways of making them, like little suitcases or baskets that can be reused, I used Christmas stockings last year. I find that TK Maxx (TJMaxx) have such great little things for that.

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