A Few Great Benefits of Outdoor Hobbies

These days, it’s extremely easy to spend more or less all of your waking hours indoors, year-round, especially if you have an office job. Between on-demand TV, a wide range of video games consoles, and the power of the Internet for providing entertainment, information, and communication, it might seem as though there is scarcely a good reason actually to venture outdoors at all unless you’re forced to. While there are many great benefits to the modern technology that we all enjoy, there are also some excellent reasons to keep up various outdoor hobbies and regularly step out into the open air.

Whether you’re thinking about taking up gardening and are looking for an ev n spred earthway 3100 broadcast spreader review, or are wondering whether it would be worth going hiking, here are some of the great benefits of outdoor hobbies.

Blue lawnmower in garden

A renewed sense of connection to the natural world, and something greater in general

In life, it is when we feel a sense of connection to something greater, we experience everything as being at its most meaningful. Throughout the ages, people have looked for all sorts of different ways to establish this sense of deep connection, ranging from religious practices to various forms of art, communal bonding, and more.

Being outdoors is easily one of the things that most commonly helps people experience a sense of being part of something greater, especially when regularly spending time in the great outdoors, especially in beautiful natural areas.

Outdoor hobbies can help to give us a more expansive and powerful sense of our place in the grand scheme of things than simply staying indoors and remaining caught up in the preoccupations of everyday life.

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Time away from screens and the usual noise of digital life

Recent books and documentaries – such as Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma” – have done a good job of investigating some of the genuinely negative consequences that seem to be associated with social media and excessive time spent on digital platforms, in general.

As with most things in life, the digital world seems best taken in moderation to prevent behavioural addiction, information overload and bias, mood issues, and more.

Having outdoor hobbies serves as a perfect counterpoint to the downside of digital life and can be a great excuse to get away from the screen for a while.

Girl sitting outside reading a book
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

A bit of healthy movement

Most outdoor hobbies – even relatively calm and gentle ones like gardening – tend to involve a decent amount of healthy physical movement.

In today’s world, increasing numbers of people are living more or less entirely sedentary lives – and there are many apparent downsides to this, both with regards to an increased risk of various health conditions and also with regards to reduced emotional resilience and well-being.

You don’t have to start running marathons or entering into triathlons, but taking steps to increase the amount of movement you’re getting daily significantly may be very helpful.

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  1. Being out in nature is such a great way to improve our mental and physical health — I always enjoy my walks in a local park. Thanks for sharing!

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      I agree, Molly. Nothing like seeing a little but of nature.

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