Getting From A to B Abroad In A Changing Environment

It doesn’t matter how much of an experienced traveller you are. When you need to face a new situation and adapt to new challenges, your journey can become a little more complicated. However, 2020 is helping travellers to become savvy when it comes to staying safe and saving money when getting from A to B abroad. 

COVID-19 may have ruined many travel plans. But it certainly taught us one crucial lesson: Always be ready to rearrange your plans and consider new options. Unfortunately, we are not out of the pandemic just yet. We can expect months of cancellations and last-minute changes to happen as contagion pockets appear at random around the world. Here are some travel tips we’ve all learned during the first wave of the pandemic.

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Rent a vehicle

The best thing you can do when you reach a new destination is to have a hired vehicle. Places like Burswood Car Rental are a great option as they provide a perfect mix of health and safety and practicality. Ideally, you want rentals that are not identifiable as vehicles are less likely to attract thieves. Additionally, a reliable service means that you are ready to carry on your journey without any hassle. 

Get familiar with public transport

Public transport varies significantly around the world. Typically, tourists rely only on public transport from the airport to the town, or they choose the city guide tour bus to get an overview of their destination. Unfortunately, the pandemic has affected the tourism industry, which means that some touring companies may be out of business. Prepare for last-minute cancellation or reduced services by getting familiar with local public transport. Rather than travelling with tourists, follow the locals as these routes are less likely to change. 

Google maps is your friend

Guidebooks may seem practical, but they offer only a limited overview of your destination. More often than not, the plan provided at the back of the handbook will not be sufficient to find your way outside of high tourist spots. On the other hand, Google Maps, or even, an offline map system that works on Android & iPhone, can help you navigate safely abroad. 

Is Uber the right answer?

As tempting as booking an Uber maybe, you need to think twice about it. In many locations, Uber fails to provide sufficient cover. Foreign countries may only have Uber coverage in the biggest cities. Others have almost no service and rely on local taxi rides. What makes Uber an excellent option for travellers is that you can select your destination via the app, reducing the risk of misunderstanding, especially if you’re abroad. However, take the time to consider alternative solutions as the ride service doesn’t exist everywhere. 

Track Twitter activities

Twitter is the first place to check to keep track of all last-minute changes. Sudden road closures, accidents, and travel delays are announced in priority online before they reach you via other media. The app is a great source of information to arrange your travel and adapt to a new situation. 

Travel is likely to because more challenging as entire regions are self-isolating or suffering from the aftermath of a travel industry crisis. As such, getting safely from A to B for travellers will become a challenge! Yet, every problem offers an opportunity to adapt and grow in savviness! 

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  1. Great tips. I have no plans to travel abroad yet post COVID but I can imagine it’s very different and definitely require more planning!

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      I think it will be very different for a while to come. Thank you for reading Jenny. 🙂

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