Guest Post: Guide to Travelling Around Australia in a Caravan

Home to magnificent landscapes, wide-open spaces, natural wonders, awestruck sceneries, diversified wildlife, tropical weather, unique cities, no doubt why Australia is one of the most amazing countries to travel to. Aussies are keen on adventure. So they always look for an opportunity to head out and explore the great outdoors of Australia. As there is so much to explore in the country, nothing other than a caravan lets you travel at your own pace, stress-free and enjoy the most. If you are interested in travelling around Australia by caravan, we have put a guide to get going without a hitch.

Caravan in field with two white chairs
Travelling around Australia in a caravan

Tips for Travelling Around Australia in a Caravan

Choose the Caravan

The first and foremost tip is to make sure you have comfortable, reliable and safe accommodation while away from home.

  • Among the variety of towing vehicles and caravans, choose the combination you think will be suitable for your family and friends.
  • Do the research, and choose according to your budget and the necessities you wish to have during the trip as caravans vary in multiple elements like size, price, features and many more; choose accordingly.

Safety First

Travelling around Australia in a caravan sounds fun. Still, it should not be taken for granted, as one needs to follow specific rules and regulations regarding the weight limit of the caravan and the type of towing vehicle. One must also take a deep look at the functioning of a caravan before heading out for a more comfortable trip.

  • Ensure you avoid overloading the caravan, as any slight change in the weight can cause unforeseen circumstances on the road. Many factors can be the cause of it, like tyres, type of towing vehicle.
  • Be aware of the safety factors for towing a large caravan, or you can even take a towing course.
  • Check the brake lights and indicators, repair if required.
  • Check the pressure of the tyres and set it at the required limit. Also, have a look at the treads and carry a spare tyre.
  • Use sealant for avoiding leakage from window seals.
  • Repaint the paint chips on the surfaces and rust chips under the chassis.
  • If the small caravan parts or items are broken, get them replaced.
A Well Kept Caravan site

First aid & Emergency Survival Kit

If planning to travel to the Australian outbacks, carrying these safety essentials with you is a must.

  • For emergency phone calls, replace the traditional phones with satellite phones. These can work anywhere globally, even in remote areas and have safety and security features installed.
  • Travel along with the emergency tracking device, which is used for sending signals to emergency services to come to the rescue in case you are stuck.
  • Install a UHF radio to your vehicle when moving for having access to easy and disturbance-free communication.
  • Carry a vehicle recovery kit. It will help you if your vehicle is bogged in the mud or stuck halfway up.
  • Spare jerry cans for carrying extra fuel
  • An offline GPS navigation system
  • Also, carry a first aid kit including common items such as band-aids, medicines, antiseptics, a pocket knife, and many more items for your safety.

Travel Direction

The direction to the place you want to travel depends on the season you are travelling in, the duration of the trip and the place from where you will head out. When talking about the seasons, Australia has different climatic zones:

  • The Northern part of Australia has a more tropical climate, hot & humid in summer, warm & dry in winter.
  • The Southern part of Australia is quite cooler in summers, and you can experience cool and sometimes rainy winters.

And, if you are planning a long trip around Australia, you will have to move to the North during winters and to the South during summers.

Camping or Glamping

Australia has a combination of national parks, caravan parks with facilities, and free campsites. It depends upon you whether you would like to:

  • Have all the creature comforts, pay some money for spending some time in the caravan parks. If you go for this, you can get various discounts during every visit by joining a loyalty program.
  • But if you want to experience some real adventure, away from the crowds in nature, free campsites are more fun. Don’t worry. It is possible to get all the comforts there as well. You can equip your caravan with portable solar panels for electricity, air conditioners and Xtend Outdoors Caravan Awnings for some shade when out in the bush.
  • For camping, you could even take along the great companion, WiKiCamps, an application with all the campsites and caravan park locations.
A young girl enjoying the sunshine against a caravan


Irrespective of your travel taste or budget, the country is sure to offer a great travel experience to everybody. And if you consider all the tips mentioned above, it is sure to have an unforgettable adventure.

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