How to Explore New Zealand on a Budget

How often has finance been the reason you cancelled your New Zealand trip? We feel you. Though there’s no denying that planning a long journey to New Zealand is an expensive one, that does not mean you can’t go there on a budget. Below we have discussed ways you can explore New Zealand on a budget.

You can see every popular tourist attraction and do all the fun and crazy activities you’ve always wanted to do without breaking the bank. But, that requires you to make a practical budget plan.

Scenic View of the Mountains in New Zealand
Photo by Tyler Lastovich

The Best Time to Visit New Zealand

Though New Zealand is a fantastic place to hop around the entire time of the year, visiting it near the summer season could be expensive. This is the busiest time of the year with a bustling crowd of tourists, automatically surging the prices of almost everything from rental cars to hotels.

You might think about the winter season to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, but that can further lead to the closure of roads, limited campsites, and risk. Visiting the country around the spring season of October and November has to be the ideal time with not so warm or not so cold weather. And it will not hurt your pocket.

Place to Stay

If you plan to travel around the country on a tight budget, staying in luxury hotels might not be possible. People who have been to New Zealand with little money consider renting a campervan. It’s a van that gives the feel of home, consisting of all the basic requirements, such as a bed, a kitchen with a sink, and even a toilet. It’s quite a convenient option for camping. Though renting a campervan is not very cheap, finding the right dealer can cut you an affordable deal.

Those who aren’t comfortable with a campervan can go to hostels. You can find plenty of budget hostels that provide dorm beds and other basic services at affordable prices. Best if you are travelling with your bunch of friends.

Look for Free Things to Do

Who said the best things could only be enjoyed with a price? In New Zealand, you can wander around some of the best places with zero to little cost. For instance, hiking is quite popular in New Zealand. While many hiking sites are costly, others like Roy’s Peak, Ben Lomond, Lake Marian, Cathedral Cove, and the Pinnacles are cheap or free. Similarly, you can visit different parks, such as Abel tasman national park, mount aspiring national park, and paparoa national park.

Waipu Caves are also a great option to see the beauty of New Zealand without spending a penny. Last but not least, people also go for the Lord of the Rings tour. Although booking a ride would be expensive, you can choose to go by your vehicle.

Woman Wearing White and Marron Jacket Sitting on Brown Wooden Bridge
Photo by Bob Ward

Save Money

Try to look for things that can help you save money along the way. For instance, you can use deal websites in New Zealand which offer rooms and restaurants at discounted prices. Or you can also go for freedom camping which is the best money saver when travelling to New Zealand.

Now that you know all the basic tips and tricks to visit New Zealand plan your trip soon and have loads and loads of fun! After all, you don’t visit New Zealand just like that.

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