Top Tips for Leaving Your Dog Behind When Going on Holiday

A dog is a major responsibility and takes up a lot of your time. It’s crucial that you don’t leave your dog alone for too long since it may be quite stressful for them. But that doesn’t imply that you can never go away on holiday again, and there will come a moment when you have to leave your dog behind for a week, which may be terrible for both of you. It’s hard to leave your dog behind, and you will naturally worry about them, but as long as you carefully organise the trip, they will be OK. Here are a few crucial guidelines to remember before leaving your dog alone for the first time.

Find someone to look after them while you are away.

Getting someone to look after your dog while you are gone is crucial, and you have a few possibilities. However, you will have to feed and walk them every day, which may be difficult for a family member or a friend who may not have the time to do so. You may hire someone to care for them. Dogs require a great deal of care, and if they are only seeing someone for a small period each day and are left on their own the rest of the time, this may be quite stressful for both the dog and the owner. You may consider hiring a dog walker to come to your house and walk your dog, which is OK for a few days, but if you are going to be gone for a week or two, your dog may still become depressed and anxious. It is preferable to find Luxury Dog Boarding in Ipswich where you may leave your dogs while you are away on business or holiday. They will receive round-the-clock care, and there will always be someone there to provide them with some attention in this manner. 

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Make sure they are well trained.

If your dog is still a puppy, you must ensure that they are adequately socialised and trained before you go. If your dog is well behaved, the individuals looking after them will be delighted to do so again in the future. In contrast, if your dog is misbehaving and causing problems with other dogs while you are gone, you may have difficulty finding individuals who will be willing to care for them again.

Make a note of their schedule.

Since you walk and feed your dogs at around the same time each day, your dogs will adhere to your routine. When you abruptly leave them in the care of strangers, keeping them on the same schedule helps make the transition easier for them. Although they are in a foreign place, they have that familiarity with them, which provides them with comfort. That is why it is critical to write down their schedule in detail and leave it with whoever is in charge of caring for your dog while you are away. If they can maintain strict adherence to the routine, it will make life a lot simpler for your dog.

The first time you leave your dog alone might be a frightening experience, but they will be OK if you follow these guidelines.

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