How to Get Back Your Glow After Childbirth

Having a baby changes your life in so many ways. From gaining a greater sense of responsibility to the long days, there’s so much to experience as a mother. However, the physical changes that follow pregnancy and childbirth are not as pleasant as most women would want. This leaves some mums frustrated, especially when they see other celebrity mums glowing with flat tummies soon after childbirth. Well, you can get there. Just don’t subject yourself to too much pressure. Here’s how to get back your glow after childbirth. 

Mother Breastfeeding her Child
Breastfeeding doesn’t negatively affect breast shape and volume (pregnancy does).

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

Try breastfeeding to lose weight

Some mothers avoid breastfeeding because they’re worried about having sagging breasts. But breastfeeding doesn’t negatively affect breast shape and volume (pregnancy does). Instead, it offers several benefits like lowering your cancer risks and burning calories.

So if you desire to lose baby weight fast, you might want to start breastfeeding your newborn. Just ensure you eat a healthy diet to make up for the loss. 

Work on your core

Core strengthening exercises are some of the best postpartum workout programs for new mums. During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles get stretched a lot, and these exercises help to tighten back your core.

Exercises that target the rectus abdominis diastasis — the abdominal muscles — can bring back the muscles together that once were separated during that period of stretching.

However, please do not engage in such strenuous exercises until you feel up for it. Do activities that make you feel better, not worse. 

Go for body contouring.

Do you want to look like those celebrity mums soon after delivery but don’t have the strength or time for dieting and exercising? Although never something to be taken lightly due to major abdominal surgery, a tummy tuck is something to consider for removing any stubborn areas that exercise and diet alone have not.

As per recent research, cosmetic procedures like tummy tuck by Dr. Christian Arroyo are safe and help eliminate postpartum fat and tighten up the loose skin.

Even when you work out or diet, the loose skin may not disappear as you’d want. Therefore, a cosmetic procedure is undoubtedly the best way to look good soon after childbirth. However, it is recommended that you wait at least six months to a year to allow the skin and muscles to recover from birth.

Catch up on your self-care

It’s essential to get back on track with your self-care routine if you want to get back your glow postpartum. Of course, time will be more limited now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get 7 hours of sleep daily or treat your hair and skin. Also, use retinol to eliminate the stretch marks developed during pregnancy.

As a mum, feeling good about yourself through self-care will help you stay motivated to care for the baby.

Person Holding Drinking Cup Sitting
Self-care is an essential part of getting your glow back after childbirth

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

This brings us to the next tip… 

Ask for help when you need some.

If you have to do the laundry, clean up, cook, shower and feed your baby, rock them, and change their nappies all the time, you might never get an hour of sleep. That wouldn’t be good for your mental and physical health, as you may start regretting becoming a mum.

It would be best to ask for help and not be shy about it. You do not automatically gain Herculean strength after childbirth. Get your partner, friend, sibling, or neighbour to help while you catch some nap or do the dishes.

Make time for intimacy.

You may feel disinclined to get intimate with your partner while breastfeeding, but it will help you emotionally. The elastic walls of the vagina spring back after childbirth. So you can resume love-making with your partner as soon as your doctor says it’s okay, which is usually six to eight weeks postpartum.

Final words

Motherhood is one of the life changes most women face at a point. But it shouldn’t be for the worse. So own it, ease into the new life, and become the envy of other women.

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