How to design a kids’ room that spurs creativity and learning

As an adult, you probably use your bedroom for sleeping and relaxing most of the time. For children, however, their room is a place where many different things happen. A kids’ room needs to accommodate various activities, from doing homework and reading to playing dress-up and practising headstands. Children are much more observant and sensitive to their surroundings than adults. Because of that, the impact a kids’ room can have on their development shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re wondering how to design a kids’ room that spurs creativity and learning, pay attention to the following details.

A child drawing with crayons

Use the power of colours

According to experts, the colours that surround us can significantly affect our emotions and thoughts. Their effects are even more powerful when children are in question. Colour psychology suggests that certain hues like yellow and orange do an excellent job of promoting creativity. On the other hand, blue and green promote relaxation and calmness. It’s necessary to understand that not all children will react the same to specific colours. Because of this, having your child’s personality and interests in mind is paramount when choosing colours for their room. Make sure to ask for their opinion if they are old enough to express it. Remember that going overboard with one colour can sometimes do the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Instead, try to play with different colour combinations, accent walls, and contrasts.

If you are feeling fancy, wallpaper might also be an exciting option. There are many kid-friendly wallpaper options on the market, and some can even add a bit of texture to the room.

Colorful paint brushes
The Right colour might increase creativity in children.

Forget boring furniture

Furniture plays a significant role in designing a kids’ room that spurs creativity and learning. From race car beds to cleverly designed bookshelves and desks, you will find an abundance of options that can inspire a young mind. If you think these things are unnecessary, remember that the quality time kids spend in their rooms allows for quality time for parents to spend on self-care.

All jokes aside, this kind of furniture can be a bit pricey, and not everyone has the budget to splurge on added luxuries. With a few tools and some imagination, you can replicate almost any expensive piece that catches your eye. You can even turn this into an exciting family project – allowing your child to build something with their own hands (and lots of parents’ help) will do wonders for developing their skills. Additionally, making your kid’s furniture will allow you to get extra space for their belongings. By customizing the shape and size, you will gain more storage space. This might even inspire your child to keep their room tidy!

Ensure easy access to fun and educational items

Easy access to art supplies, books, and toys is essential for encouraging creativity in children. Kids are more likely to draw or do puzzles if they don’t have to dig through a bunch of stuff to reach what they need. Depending on your child’s interests, you might want to create a reading nook or an art station in their room. Have you noticed your toddler likes to scribble on walls? Could you give them a chalkboard wall? Do they enjoy playing dress-up? Put a clothing rack for costumes and a big mirror in the corner!

If you noticed your kid’s sleeping habits are suffering due to lockdown and the pandemic, keeping them engaged during the day might help them return to healthy patterns.

Bear in mind that kids’ interests change very often, so if you notice they are becoming bored with their corner, don’t hesitate to change it up, which suits their hobbies better.

A child painting
If the paint is right there, your child will want to use it


Once you’ve chosen the colours and furniture for your kid’s room, it’s time to take care of the finishing touches. Details are often the most inspiring parts of a room. They can even serve as an opportunity for your child to express their creativity.

Putting your child’s drawings in frames and hanging them on the walls will make your little one feel proud and encourage more creating. Fun educational posters will promote learning. Some toys can serve as decoration, as well. If your child has a collection of toy cars, make sure to showcase them on a shelf. You don’t have to spend much money during this step. Working with what you have will probably turn out better than store-bought decoration. Just make sure to be very attentive to your child’s ideas and opinions, even if you don’t like them. You’re creating this space for them, so your taste shouldn’t overpower theirs.

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How to design a kids’ room that spurs creativity and learning by including your kid

One thing that will spur creativity even more than the room itself is the process of creating it. You don’t want to deny your kid the excitement of painting the walls, choosing furniture, and finding the right spots for their knick-knacks. It will get messy, you will be annoyed, and they might have a meltdown or two, but in the end, you surely won’t regret it. The opportunity to participate in such a project will teach your child about responsibility and allow them to feel important and appreciated. After all, it is your child you are doing this for, so excluding them wouldn’t be fair. Plus, this can be a fun way to squeeze in some quality family time, and you can never get enough of that!

A family having breakfast together
Working on designing the room will bring your family closer together.

While these tips will help you design a kids’ room that spurs creativity and learning, you must remember that a room won’t be able to improve their grades or turn them into a little Picasso. The environment your kid spends time in can bring subtle changes, but you will still need to do your best as a parent to teach them the importance of broadening their mind. Only then will your child be able to reach their full potential.

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