3 Ways to Earn Money While at Home

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, an entirely new world of job opportunities has opened up. These remote jobs are perfect for a stay-at-home mum or maybe even a new mum on maternity leave but would still like to earn an income on the side while spending time at home with your newborn. The great thing about these job opportunities is that most of them are quite flexible as well, meaning you’ll have deadlines but no set nine to five work hours, which is fantastic if you still have a few responsibilities while at home. The great thing about more and more remote positions becoming available is that companies globally have realized that they can pretty much hire anyone from anywhere in the world. So now more than ever, it’s more about your experience than where you are physically located. That said, here are three ways you can earn money while at home and have an extra stream of income while looking after the home front.


Freelance writing

Fancy yourself a writer? Well, the opportunity has arisen for you to get that proverbial pencil out and start using it to generate an income for yourself. There are tons of companies looking for individuals with a knack for writing to join their team and create some unique and exciting content, which could be the perfect opportunity for you. Freelance writing is also a great idea if you’re looking for something to commit to part-time, seeing as these job positions work more on a contract-based structure than something more permanent. From writing website landing pages, blog posts, or in-depth articles on a specific topic, this job can broaden your common knowledge profoundly and might be the most interesting job venture you’ll ever pursue.

Sell gift cards

More of a hobby than an actual job, selling gift cards can benefit you in more ways than just making money; you’ll be getting rid of all those annoying vouchers your aunts gave you for stores you never even go to! Created from pure genius, a platform exists where you can sell Adidas gift cards, and many more to be exact, to the public at a slightly discounted rate and receive cash for them instantly when sold successfully! You may be thinking to yourself that you don’t have enough gift cards to make real money with this idea, but how many do you think you’d have if you started asking around by your friends and family members? Exactly – everyone has the issue of owning gift cards they’ll never use and would most probably love to have someone take them off their hands.

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Virtual assistant

This one is for the individual who would like something a bit more permanent. Virtual assistants work on a remote basis for companies and basically perform a variety of administrative tasks that include managing schedules, answering emails, and sometimes even the phone. So if you’re someone who likes to do something a bit different each day and would love a remote job that is still more permanent, then this is definitely an idea to consider.

Try these ideas out for size and see where they lead you – you never know what could happen! After all, with all the new possibilities arising from the unique way companies from all over are doing business, it would be a crime not to try and get in on it too! It could be the perfect way to earn money while at home.

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