Guest Post: How Hotel Stays Might Be Different After Global Lockdown

After a year plus of spending so much time close to home, we’re all yearning for a real holiday. Even if it’s a local staycation rather than travelling abroad, at least one night away from our all-too-familiar four walls is incredibly dreamy. No matter how much we love our homes, absence really does make the heart grow fonder after a lovely trip away, especially where there’s no cleaning! With this said, there’s still so much uncertainty around what a hotel stay after covid will be like.

While the pandemic has taken its toll on every single industry, hotels (and hospitality and tourism in general) have been in a strange position of lengthy closures and reopenings with drastic changes to services. Plus, in this time of health precautions we’ve taken to keep our families and communities safe, so much of what we associate with staying in a hotel (breakfast buffets, swimming, socialising) raises confusing ‘what ifs’ and might even be causing some anxiety.

So, what do we know for sure about hotel stays after covid lockdowns?

Above all, we know that in these unpredictable times, the overriding thing that stays the same are the steps we take to keep everyone safe and well. It’s the same with hotels in terms of:

  • Adjustments to all processes
  • Social distancing
  • Mask wearing
  • Hand sanitiser widely available
  • Minimising transmission in shared spaces

Every hotel will have its own processes for managing these precautions, such as contactless check-in, no leisure facilities, or upgraded in-room entertainment offerings. Part of reopening is that hotels are working to integrate all their operations with current public health guidelines.

What other ways might hotels adjust and adapt their offerings?

To help consider what to look out for in your accommodation as you plan your post-lockdown getaway, The Europe Hotels shared this infographic about how hotel stays after covid might be different after global lockdowns. Aspects such as dining, room hygiene, and moving around the hotel are included in this resource with ideas of what you could expect on your next stay.


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Keep well and don’t forget to let us know in the comments where you’re planning on visiting on your first post-lockdown trip away. Where are you headed? Here’s to safe, happy and special times away in the near future!

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