4 Fundamental Ways Sensory Toys Help Your Child

Whether you have tiny babies or toddlers, or young children in your house, playful activities form a critical part of their developmental phase. Having a disabled child makes sensory toys and environments even more important. Children from a young age enjoy messy play, water play and any excuse to stack things and knock them down; it’s how they learn. Check out this post on 4 fundamental ways sensory toys help your child.

You should think about investing in a wide variety of toys for your children if you want to ensure their holistic development. Your children are intelligent from birth. They tend to absorb an enormous amount of information the moment they open their eyes. You want to make the most of this time and opportunity.

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Understanding Sensory Play

Sensory play is a different concept altogether. It is a unique activity that involves various objects and textures, surfaces, and shapes that work to stimulate your children’s senses. These toys and activities help your child make sense of the world around them. Engagement is a primary component of these toys and activities. They help your child with their cognitive skills and facilitate holistic brain development. Your child can learn how to read, write, and solve critical mathematical and reasoning problems quite early on if you incorporate sensory play into their daily activities.

Sensory Toys And The Five Senses

·         Sight

With the help of these sensory toys and activities, your child can identify colours and light around them. This is the first thing that captivates their vision and imagination.

·         Hearing

You will find various sensory toys and objects that make a lot of pleasant noises. These are a great way to engage them and enhance their observation abilities.

·         Touch

The various textures and finishes of these toys give your child an opportunity to understand multiple objects around them. From fluffy to hard, to bumpy to smooth and even coarse, every texture sends out a different message.

·         Smell

Various smells and fragrances can generate curiosity among children. This is why those colourful sand bins and trays are so popular in the market.

·         Taste

Some toys taste pleasant to your children, especially during their teething years. A honey bear bottle is a perfect example of such a toy that lets them taste and learn.

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4 Fundamental Benefits Of Playing With Sensory Toys

1.        Cognitive Development

Your babies can develop cognitive abilities quite early if you introduce them to sensory play at a tender age. New and frequent experiences will create connections in the brain of your little one, helping them develop superior cognitive abilities.

2.        Expansion Of Knowledge

This is also a great way to expand the knowledge of your children. You will be introducing them to various materials and textures. Your child will learn how to discover and create new things from the array of objects given to them. This is where they will develop their creative and constructive abilities.

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Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

3.        Improving Motor Skills

Motor skills are essential for the development of your child. Every movement of your baby counts, and it further positively impacts their behaviour and memory as well.

4.        Problem-Solving Abilities

Various puzzles, building blocks, signages, animated objects, patterns, replaceable and movable loose parts allow them to expand their problem-solving abilities.


Sensory play and toys are not only important when your child is playing inside the house. The environment that they provide to your child is quite diverse. It helps him communicate with other children and express their feelings without hesitation. It is not just a means to develop their skills but a window to possibilities.

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