How to Avoid Having too Many Toys

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Toys – They have a way of taking the whole house over. In the beginning, everything starts with the best intentions. Of course, you love your children, and you want to do everything to make them happy. However, you find yourself surrounded by scattered Leggo pieces, tiny car models, and Barbie dolls before you realise it. All of this makes your house look like a mess, it makes your children bored, and it makes you nutty as a fruitcake. Does this sound familiar? Do not worry – you are not the only parent who struggles with mountains of toys. All households with children have this ‘problem.’ Luckily, this one is easy to fix. Keep on reading to see how to avoid having too many toys in your house and how to, ultimately, make everyone happy.

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First Things First – Declutter! 

Most parents avoid getting rid of their children’s toys because they think they provide comfort for children. But, a couple of toys can be just as comforting as hundreds of them. Thus, do not be afraid to clear up the space. Start small. For instance, start by removing toys your children have outgrown or those they do not play with anymore. Then, get rid of multiples. And, finally, get rid of the junk – broken toys and those missing a piece, mixed up puzzles, Happy Meal prizes, party favours. Of course, when we say get rid of toys, we do not mean throwing them into the trash, no. Toys deserve second homes, so either donate them to charity or give them to your friends who have younger children.

Display the Toys 

You know how the expression goes – out of sight, out of mind. This expression applies perfectly to children and their toys. If they do not see the toys, they will not play with them. What they will do instead is pull out every single toy from the toy box, play for half an hour, and then leave everything lying on the floor. What you can do to prevent this from happening again is to put all the toys on display. This way, your children will see all their toys and get just the one they want (it works every time). So, try to find some pretty kid-friendly shelves and put all the toys on display there. Also, if you are implementing some changes in your kid’s room, try to make them, so it spurs creativity and foster learning.

Of course, to do this step, you must first complete the previous one, that is, to declutter. Otherwise, the entire room will still be a mess. If, however, you have difficulties getting rid of your children’s toys, you can always consider placing them in a storage unit, for example. But, be careful. There is the right way to store them if you want them to be safe and sound for years to come. Thus, do some research before you put those toys into boxes.

Start a Toy Rotation 

All children get bored of playing with the same toy. Because of this, as a parent, you are forced to keep buying new ones, which is a never-ending circle. Luckily, there is a way to fix this and avoid having too many toys in your home! For instance, you can organize a toy rotation every couple of weeks. It will eliminate the clutter and make you happy, and it will excite your child and make them happy too. So, change the toys every once in a while, or whenever you notice that your child is getting bored. However, make sure you do not apply this rule to your child’s favourite toys like the stuffed teddy bears they grow up with. These kinds of toys make the child feel safe and secure, and by taking them away, you may make them feel scared and confused.

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Avoid Having Too Many Toys by Making Books Easily Accessible 

Parents buy children’s books as much as they buy toys. However, those same books end up on a shelf that your child cannot reach in almost all scenarios. It will result in one thing – having too many books no one can use. So, try to implement some easy storage ideas (preferably with your child) where you will make all the books you have bought more accessible to your little one. If you do not have a place for storage in the room, consider installing some easy-to-reach bookshelves here and there. Hopefully, this will encourage your child to read and write as well as amuse them. And, remember – do not buy new books until your child has read with at least two or three older ones. Moreover, if necessary, apply the rotation rule to books as well!

Limit the Number of New Toys 

Just because children get excited whenever they see a new toy in the store, it does not mean that you have to buy that toy instantly. It will create an avalanche of toys in every room. Thus, try to talk to them about it. Of course, talking to children about not buying new toys can be extremely difficult. So, if talking does not do the trick, consider some other approaches.

You can, for instance, tell your children that they will get new toys only for birthdays, holidays, or after a job-well-done. By knowing when they will receive toys, children will wait for that date. Moreover, this will encourage your little ones always to behave and maybe help you out with some chores because they know that toys are a reward for finishing them.

Finally, if you want to avoid having too many toys, all the rules you set apply to grandparents and relatives. Therefore, set up a toy-limit rule for them too!

Guest Post Disclaimer

The views, opinions and positions expressed within these guest posts are those of the author and may not represent A Little Bit Social. The accuracy, completeness and validity of any statements made within this article are not guaranteed.

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